Doctor Who Holiday Gift Guide

dr who guide

So it’s only a few days before Christmas, hell, it might be hours away depending on when you read this, and your significant other or best friend is a fan of the longest running science fiction series in the world. What to get when it’s last second shopping? No time for the mall and so little time to brainstorm. If only you had a time machine. Well, you probably don’t have one (unless you do, in which case why are you still reading this?) So if you don’t here is a quick holiday guide to some great Doctor Who-based gifts for you to get your loved ones. So like a good body swap or regeneration put yourself in their shoes and feast your eyes on some of the great offerings from the BBC America shop and other fine retail stores.


It’s time to put on a show! But what to wear?

Most Doctor Who fans are rather open about their love for the show but how often is it fully on display? Surprisingly, you may have someone in your life who is displaying it without you even knowing it. Ever read a rather endearing quote on their profile about life being piles of good things and bad things? Or how there is no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes? That’s not Oscar Wilde or Gandhi; those are the writings of the most frustrating show runner in science fiction.

But your own personal style can display both class and hidden geek love as well. How about a nice multi-colored scarf just like the Fourth Doctor’s or an awesome Apple red bow tie to make you look like outgoing Doctor, Matt Smith. Who would think twice about these vibrant colors on a rather dapper ensemble? No one that’s who! You can get a fez even although I wouldn’t recommend wearing that out in public but you can always pass that off to grandpa especially if he is a Shriner. Continuing down the body there is also a great TARDIS hoodie with “Police Box” and the famous exterior windows adorning it.


But don’t just focus on the head and torso there is more clothing all the way down to your feet. It’s the winter so comfy and warm socks is a must and you can get that with a pair of the bluest of blue TARDIS socks or some deep grey socks adorned with the famous Police Box in the guise of the Union Jack flag. The literal stamp of approval of “Timelord” on the bottom makes it official but is easy to conceal in your most formal footwear or sand shoes.

Decorating a “killer” Christmas Tree

By now most of you will have a Christmas tree up adorned with as many ornaments as possible but if you have a little room there are more than enough Who based treats to hang on any available branch. See how your Aunt and Uncle react when they see a severed Cyberman’s head right next to the tree top or a Merry red Dalek pointing his gun in the direction of the family’s baby Jesus ornament you’ve had since you were five. Still celebrating the 50th anniversary? Yes, because you are a smart fan and what better way to remind everyone that November 23rd is your favorite day of the year than with a limited edition ornament featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor. Combine this with your own creative additions (cyber silver tinsel or maybe even a Weeping Angel tree topper) and you have the most Sci Fi centric Christmas tree ever.

Are you sitting comfortably? Than we will begin

Of course while all our Christmases tend to be hectic and busy there is always room for some down time. While you are all cozy sitting on your couch in your plague of Timelord attire enjoy one of the many great DVD releases from BBC Home Entertainment. If you are feeling nostalgic or as a new fan curious about the classic series this fall has seen some great releases including First Doctor William Hartnell’s final adventure “The Tenth Planet” and the classic Tom Baker story “Terror of the Zygons.”


If you want something that encompasses more than one Doctor there is also the DVD release of the BBC America “The Doctors Revisited” specials featuring a story from each of the Doctor’s 11 incarnations. Still want more Doctors than you can handle? There is also the DVD release of the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of Doctor.” This is a great release for those still celebrating the show’s jubilee and it comes complete with a behind the scenes featurette and two mini episodes including the superb “The Night of the Doctor,” which saw the return of Paul McGann to the role of the Eighth Doctor after 17 years.

Of course if Santa or Jeff as the Doctor likes to call him is really nice to you maybe you will get the new blu ray box set that includes all seven series and the Sonic screwdriver universal remote control. While it comes complete with some snazzy, limited edition art work and a special comic book you will most likely be too busy with the above mentioned items to worry about reading and admiring some hand crafted drawings.

Many of these items can be found in bookstores, your local Best Buy and specialty stores like Hot Topic if you are scrapped on delivery time and are willing to brave your local mall. They are also available online through the BBC America shop which might be a safer route if you are afraid of Amazon’s new drone technology. You don’t know who or what is really controlling those things. So if you have the chance get to it and get all these awesome Doctor Who gifts for that special someone before Christmas or, if this has impressed you that much you non- Whovian, get them for yourself! Santa will understand.