Matt O’Ree Comes Home to The Stone Pony


Matt O’Ree Homecoming Show – Stone Pony – October 30, 2015

Usually when a band, an artist, or basically anyone has a homecoming I always quote Jon Bon Jovi’s song, ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home.’

Writing about Matt O’Ree’s homecoming show at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on Friday night October 30 would be the perfect time to quote that song.

O’Ree, the undisputed current guitar god of the Jersey Shore, returned home after a run of concerts in Asia with Bon Jovi. However, this wasn’t just a high profile fill-in, this was the beginning of a brand new chapter in O’Ree’s life — as the new lead guitarist of Bon Jovi.

The guitarist has made his bones at the Shore playing in various bands until he made his mark with The Matt O’Ree Band. The band became of the top flight bands of the region — able to play the bar and club scene — but also able to headline a venue like The Stone Pony. O’Ree’s blazing guitar work has earned him the right to be a part of one of New Jersey’s (and the world’s) most famous bands. It’s always awesome to see ‘one of our own’ make it to the big time.

Pop-Break’s Keeyahtay Lewis caught Matt and his band in action.