Review: Shirtless Bearfighter #2

Written by Sheena Fisher

In Issue 1 we learned about the super bad ass, Shirtless. He was so manly he had a beard even as a baby, and he was raised by bears. Unfortunately something terrible happened in his past and now he must fight bears. We previously saw the FBI recruiting him for help because bears are attacking in Seattle. After some friendly suggestions, Shirtless puts on some pants and flies in the bearplane to help them.

After arriving in Seattle things are insane. There are children innocently playing and they have no idea they’re about to be in the middle of a bear fight. Shirtless grabs some bombs out of the sky and shoves them down the evil bears’ throats. And, there’s also a really awesome montage of fighting different types of “bears” all over America.

Silva and Shirtless discuss what could be making the bears so evil and aggro. After analyzing what remains they could find they discover the truth, bacon in their stomachs. Magic bacon is the cause of it all. Shirtless takes off to the Deep South to confront “Thu Hillbilly Warlock.” It doesn’t take long for the Warlock to show Shirtless the most delectable and crispy bacon he’s ever seen. Shirtless can’t resist, he munches down and is now being controlled just like the bears. It doesn’t take Silva long back in Seattle to figure out this bacon bit was a trap.

Shirtless isn’t under the Warlock’s spell long. His anger reaches a boiling point that sets him free. He corner’s warlock and demands he tell him who is using his bacon to control the bears. Just as Shirtless gets his answer he is knocked out and carried off by our evil toilet paper corporation foes. Luckily for him Silva followed him there against Burke’s orders.

If you haven’t read Issue 1 I highly suggest it because it’s hilariously brilliant. This issue falls right in line with that brilliance. If you want to see action and insane bear fights this series is for you. The story is ridiculous and absurd but in the best way. If you want to see THE manliest bad ass in comics right now you need to be reading Shirtless Bearfighter.

Shirtles Bearfighter #2 Rating: 9/10 Stars.

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