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Fashionista File: BODKIN

jes todd debuts the first ever fashion blog on the site profiling the brooklyn-born fashion line BODKIN

Bodkin is sleek… Bodkin is sexy… Bodkin is adored by women AND the earth. Ahem…it’s also a clothing line unrelated to the guy behind the “Self High-Five.” Yeah. I suppose fashion is best when served with a hardy side of Narcissism, so away we go.

You know that girl that you see sometimes who looks effortlessly awesome? The one who you loathe and equally (secretly) idolize? Yeah, she’s probably wearing Bodkin. Hailing from Brooklyn, Bodkin is the latest in the sustainable fashion arena and, while earth-loving, is lacking in all traditions of daisy chains, granola and general tree huggery.

The fall line can be splurged upon in select shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn and is a carefully curated collection of curve-loving draping with crafty twists and turns that scream “I make fashion look so friggin’ easy!” The ease comes on the wings of Creative Director and founder Eviana Hartman, whose eagle eye for trending was honed after years sitting runway side as a fashion writer for some of the finest glossies. The result includes swoon-worthy relaxed suits, diagonally pleated slacks, monochromatic color blocked mini dresses and one tapered jumpsuit with A DRop WAIst and An ASSYMETRIC COLLAR!!! AHHHH!

Despite the enthusiasm, my inner environmental scientist was suspect. Is Bodkin really sustainable or just another line that jumped on the “GO GREEN” wagon as it passed through town? In other words, is Bodkin using green materials that are manufactured in some asthma-inducing sweatshop overseas before being sent in a giant airplane only to be driven to some warehouse out in Jersey awaiting frivolous consumption?

No way, man. Bodkin would never do us dirty like that.

Hartman along with designer Claire Lampert, the other piece of the Bodkin pie, have bent over backwards (wearing those delicious jumpsuits I’d imagine) to ensure that the line is sustainable from soup to nuts. Materials include post-consumer recycled plastics (you’re wearing your water bottle!), regenerated and recycled wools and reused old textiles spared from the landfill. The line also boasts sustainable construction with many of the pieces being made in the Brooklyn, the motherland. The sustainable practices that Hartman and Lampert live for won Bodkin the Ecco Domani Sustainble Design Award for 2009. Way to pull at my earth-loving heartstrings, Bodkin.

I’d place Bodkin comfortably in the “fashion investment” category with the likes of Rag & Bone, Loeffler Randall and Citizens of Humanity. While the price tag is high, it’s important to remember the natural resources that were spared in Bodkin’s creation. Also, the pieces are timeless. If I’m to have any beef with Bodkin, its the lack of color in the primarily white and grey assemblage. Oh, who am I kidding? I love you, Bodkin.

Available at:

148 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
+1 718 355 9525

13 Christopher St.
New York, NY 10014
+1 212 925 8515

*for additional stockists, visit www.bodkin.us

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