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TV Recap: Fuller House, ‘Funner House’

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Funner House Plot:

The gals have a fun night out, while Joey (Dave Coulier) comes by to babysit.

This episode of Fuller House shows they are more interested in appealing to the older crowd, as opposed to going more family oriented. The idea of everyone going out for a night of frivolity and mayhem is certainly a slam dunk storyline, although it didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. It got better though, as the three main actresses carried the episode well, although I have to admit it was kind of strange to watch D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) and Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) do shots of tequila, selfies and say the word “uber.” For characters who were so ingrained with the ’90s, that felt off. What’s next? A Family Matters spin-off called Family Matters More where Urkel is a boring corporate business owner? Yikes. Enough with my ’90s hang ups though, let’s get on with the damn episode.

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So they arrived at this club, and it started pretty generically. They met two boring guys and it didn’t get interesting till Kimmy’s (Andrea Barber) ex-husband, Fernando (Juan Pablo Di Pace), showed up. Fernando oozes with stereotypes, but for the most part he was pretty funny, which is important, as I suspect we’ll see more of him. The second half of the night got better, and felt more Full House, albeit extremely corny, but that’s the charm. We also got a crap load of cringe-worthy and hackneyed lines, but they started to feel Full House cringe-worthyso bad it’s good. My biggest complaint was the Macy Gray cameo. Wow, this was bad. First of all, she looked completely out of it. At least her cameo was better here than in 2002’s Spider-Man. Yeah, I went there.

Full House Recycled Storyline Alert! The girls getting a night away from the kids was definitely meant to emulate an early episode from season one, where Danny, Joey and Jesse do a guys’ night out on a fishing boat, entitled “Sea Cruise.”

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Meanwhile, Joey answered the baby sitting call. Now this storyline started out promising, with Joey attempting to rid the kids of technology, but it basically devolved into a big mess, quite literally. Dave Coulier still has it though. They continue to try and force ’90s style catch phrases with Max (Elias Harger). At one point he said “Holy Chalupas!” Seriously, that’s the kind of line The Simpsons would have done back in the day to parody catch phrases.

This was definitely a lot more fun than the previous episode, but the show is wrestling with what it wants to be. The ending had no shame, and went right for juvenile ’90s slapstick Home Alone comedy. Solid episode, but I’m just going to assume Macy Gray was their tenth choice for a celebrity cameo.

Rating: 7 “You Got It Dudes!” out of 10

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