Review: Batwoman #4

By: Sheena Fisher

Tahini is trying her best to kill Kate and destroy Coryana. In this action-packed issue we learn exactly why. Can Coryana be saved from the Kali Corporation and Tahini’s madness? Will the industrialization end? Kate faces her demons head-on again in this issue.

We enter this issue with the knowledge that Coryana is about to be blown up. The Kali Corporation had plans of destroying the entire island and killing its population. The corporation has strung up an extensive amount of bombs in a cave system. Batwoman is working diligently to figure out what trigger setup activates the bombs. This way she can deactivate them before everyone and everything is destroyed.

Just as Kate is making progress Tahini appears swinging a knife in her face. The warlords take over while she faces Tahini. This is where we get a reveal that we all saw coming. Tahini calls Kate a “play thing” and admits that she hates her for taking Safiyah away from her. Kate calls out Tahini for everything “You’re willing to kill thousands of people because you’re pissed Safiyah loved me.” And, guys, this entire fight scene is amazing. Kate goes to a dark place. Unfortunately though Tahini makes a grand escape before Kate can deliver any knock-out/finishing blows.

Kate and the warlords are successful in disarming the bombs. They are reflecting on everything that happened. The good news is the Kali Corporation is pulling out of the island. The bad news is the corporation still exists. Kate decides to sign over ownership of the Desert Rose to Tae-Ree. Tae-Ree immediately calls out Kate for running out on them again. But, we all know Kate has bigger things to work on, she is Batwoman after all.

It also looks like we haven’t seen the end of the Kali Corporation. We get a glimpse of the twins talking to a mysterious woman at the end of this issue. This issue had some very intense fight scenes. It was a little crazy to learn that Tahini hates Kate so much that she’s willing to kill thousands of innocent people for it. Because of these things I’m rating this issue 8/10.