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Review: Adventure Time Marcy & Simon #1

Adventure Time Simon & Marcy is written by Olivia Olsen, illustrated by Slimm Fabert, colored by SJ Miller, and letters by Mike Fiornteno. Adventure Time is published by Boom Studios.

Small warning, but if you somehow missed the last episode of Adventure Time this review will have spoilers from the finale.

Ok guys, if you recall at the end of the Adventure Time cartoon series Simon was finally released from being the Ice King. And, I’m sure fans of the show are aware of his time with Marceline. Once Simon’s memories were restored he remembered every terrible act he did as the Ice King. And, he really wants to apologize to every single person he hurt. That’s where this issue picks up.

Marceline and Simon are in the Castle of Ooo. He’s handing out cake to the banana guards in an attempt to apologize to them. He’s also going on a entire tour of Ooo to spread positive vibes and to pay penance for all the terrible deeds the Ice king did. From here we get a lovely montage of Simon visiting some of your favorite places in Ooo.

So many familiar characters, so many tragic things that are now in the past. Now we get to see happy times for Simon and the people he hurt. And, there are some super heart-warming moments in this issue. I always loved the episodes that focused on Simon and Marcy. This comic left me with the same feels.

If you just aren’t over Adventure Time I highly recommend picking up this issue along with the Season 11 issues. The story line falls in place right after the series so you can see your favorites life out their lives. This issue ties up a few loose ends from the series. Things that I nearly forgot even happened in the Ice King’s story. There’s not a ton of action and adventure in this issue, but it really sets us up for more of that in the future.

Review: 7.5/10

Adventure Time Marcy & Simon #1 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.

Sheena Fisher
Sheena Fisher
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