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WrestlePro in Union Review: Joey Janela & Brian Myers Headline a Great Night of Wrestling

Words by Rob Crowther IV | Photos by Matthew Widdis

For the first time in nearly half a year, WrestlePro made its long awaited return to the indy scene with a stellar event in Union, New Jersey. The company picked up exactly where they left off with a few aces up the sleeve.

WresltePro in Union began with a tribute to trailblazer and the second ever ROH Champion, Xavier with a 10-bell salute. Classy and appropriate.

Before our opening contest, an injured TJ Crawford makes his way to the ring to announce that he cannot take on WrestlePro Gold Champion Anthony Bowens in the sub main event. Therefore he has handpicked the high-flying New Jersey native “Ace of Space” Mr. LSG to take his place as the number one contender. Crawford was visibly upset he could not compete but did watch the show from ringside.

Our opening contest for WresltePro in Union was a fantastic match between the super over Fallah Bahh against the impressive up and comer Stephen Gibki .I can’t say enough good things about both of these men. Bahh is a tremendously talented big man who oozes charisma. He even cracked us up a few times with sayings like “You know I can speak English right?” and “UBER EATS” chants. Gibki who not only has the build, but the complete high school jock/ bully look / persona to a T can also hang with the best on the indies right now. He is VERY good at playing the heel role and comparisons can be made to Alex Riley or Chris Nowitzki.

Gibki was even able to hit an AMAZING German suplex on Fallah Bahh. Bahh would retaliate later catching a cross body attempt and reversing it into a powerful samoan drop. Ultimately, the big man would hit the Bonsai drop to get the pinfall over Gibki for the win. Hell of an opening match. Now someone get the spatula!!

After that killer opener, WresltePro in Union heated up even though it featured the COOLEST wrestler you’ll ever see, Lady Frost. (Incoming Puns) I was super excited to see Frost in person, and she did not disappoint. From her no handed flip (Dana Brooke-esque) entrance to her stellar high flying move-set in the ring, the competitor was a complete show-stealer in her match against Ray Lyn.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the fast paced, high flying style and Lady Frost was all about that. I absolutely loved her “snowball fight” no handed flip aerial modified cannonball into the corner as well as several spear-like flying dart corner strikes. This competitor had more flips than the early shift at IHOP.

Early in the match the up tempo technical back and forth between both ladies was absolutely superb as well. Frost did nearly all the heavy lifting here and I was super surprised to see her take the L to Lyn’s RKO type finisher. Zero Chill! Regardless, very excited to see more of Lady Frost at upcoming shows.

Speaking of COOL matches we got to see our guy, Deonn “The Iceberg” Rusman take on a new look, Bobby Wayward. Rusman looked fantastic and is the real deal. Honestly he has one of the best spears you’ll ever see in the ring. I also really liked his throwing fireman’s carry variation that was perfectly right between an AA and an F5. Naturally Rusman would win this one as he is a consistent number one contender. The only thing missing … Gold around his waist.

Before the next match at WresltePro in Union WP Silver Champion Shawn Donovan would interrupt our pal, the amazing announcer Ryan Peterson and demands a match in a somewhat of an open challenge type situation. A new look Matt Macintosh would make his way to the ring and these two put on a clinic. Surprisingly enough Macintosh would actually get the W here for the first title change of the night, as he became the NEW WP Silver Champion and the first EVER Wrestlepro Triple Crown Winner!!

That would be the first of THREE title changes that night as the team with arguably the best ring gear in the game, The Amazing Graysons would best J.O.B. Security with some sneaky tactics to win the WP Tag Team Championships. I will say I was very surprised to see the former champs lose the belts this quickly, but little did I know there was a lot more at work here.

Anthony Bowens would successfully retain his Wrestlepro Gold Championship in a fantastic match against LSG. Both men can do it all in the ring and it showed here. Bowens hit a picture perfect dropkick and an amazing modified side effect powerslam (The RBI) for the win. The 5 Tool Player can do it all and the crowd was completely behind him throughout. Somebody sign this man!!

The Create-A-Pro championship was also defended in a triple threat showcase match and the champ VSK was able to retain as expected. As I’ve said many times before, this kid is the real deal. Keep an eye on him.

Our main event for WresltePro in Union saw an amazing match billed as AEW vs. IMPACT with a lot of chatter from none other than Mr. Joey Janela and “The MOST Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers. Myers had the crowd rolling with his, “I don’t need this, I’ve had a Wrestlemania moment” line while Janela played up the New Jersey Card. Meyers seemed to be in fantastic shape and both competitors looked absolutely amazing in-ring. I very much noticed how both competitors not only worked the crowd but the camera as well. This is something I’m sure many of the up and comers picked up as well.

I digress. Meyers hit a ton of Edge-esque moves including the Edge-cutioner which I hadn’t seen in a while and a spear. Janela set up a table which all immediately knew that he would be going through. (And he did) Just as things really started to pick up, the match was interrupted by none other than the WP Tag Team Champions, the Amazing Graysons who attacked both competitors. As I’m sitting here wondering to myself what in the world is going on, the man running the show, Mr. Kevin Matthews grabbed the mic.

Matthews addressed the crowd saying how these two “A-Holes” weren’t going to ruin his main event. He said that AEW vs. Impact isn’t even supposed to be happening ,but he made it happen. Therefore Matthews books an impromptu tag team match of The Amazing Graysons vs. Meyers/Janela for the WrestlePro Tag Team Championship!!

I never expected this nor did I expect both of these Television talents to win the Indy gold, but they did exactly that. I absolutely loved the swerve and the should be internet breaking news. After a very unique match-up and a confused glance, Meyers and Janela celebrated briefly as your NEW WP TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! What a way to end the show!! I can only assume we’ll see both of them back at WrestlePro sooner than later.

2020 has made it VERY difficult for promotions to run right now but WrestlePro in Union didn’t miss a beat. I cannot recommend this promotion enough. Up Next, Check out Meyers, Slater, Pillman Jr. and more September 13th back in Union, NJ.

Tickets are available now at https://wrestleproonline.com/

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