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Comic Review: DC’s Blue and Gold #1: Booster and Beetle Ride Again!

The buddies are back together again! Mainstream media watch out! Booster is livestreaming his latest escapade, rescuing the Justice League!

This amazing caper is brought to you by the dynamic duo of Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold, Batman Beyond, Justice League International, Superman, Batman, Future’s End) and Ryan Sook (Action Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes, Batman, Superman). Gosh golly, what a great team they are. The caper features Booster Gold in an attempt to save the Justice League from some unknown alien captors while also livestreaming this escapade in an effort to obtain more sponsors, fame, and of course, the love of his fans.

During the course of his adventure, his good friend Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle swoops in to save the day, and of course, can’t forget the little cynical scamp, Skeets! The banter between the three, plus the side conversations of a live social-media feed adds some great over-the-top banter, which is a perfect perception of real-life online conversations seem to go. Have you seen a live comments stream on YouTube or Twitch? This fits right in.

A user with the “GG” handle seems to know an awful lot about the Blue and Gold duo.

All this being said, this first issue is a fantastic reminder of the more humorous side of the DC Comic universe. Plenty of nods to the Justice League International of old. I enjoyed the conclusion the most, where the last few pages really show how the Justice League perceives Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and ultimately the sacrifice Beetle makes for his longtime friend. I

t is a moment where despite the sarcasm, the banter, moments of resentment, all step aside and the element of true bonding friendship lives.

Alright, enough with the mushy stuff. Old time fans such as I will feel this keeps the faith of prior Booster Gold runs, and newer fans may appreciate a lighter-yet-sarcastic toned read.


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