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Comic Review: DC’s Blue and Gold #3: Enter the Omnizon!

The happy-go-lucky duo meets their first major challenger since issue #1: The Landlord!

No, seriously. Booster can’t pay the rent. As Booster Gold attempts to move into a spot picked out, the dreaded landlord informs the street-level hero he can’t move in until the deposit is paid. Running out of options, Booster tries to sweet-talk his way in, but the sinister landlord refuses to budge until payment is made. He leaves while a frustrated Booster contacts Ted Kord to find out why he hasn’t paid the landlord.

Ted, hard at work in his garage, is about to tell Booster the truth, until a loud explosion at the United Nations distracts Booster, flying off to investigate. We are given a proper introduction to Omnizon, the High Regent of the Bhe’Imoor Guard and the Ruling Princess of this planet because it just so happens, Earth is within the boundaries of the Bhe’Imoor system.

Never knew this? When did this happen? According to Omnizon, it has been this way for eons! Eons she says!

Booster does not seem to care much, so he decides to take a crack and goes round two against the alien empress whom he and Blue Beetle defeated in issue one. This time, she is prepared. Booster is on the ropes when Ted Kord barrels back into action, deploying the newest member of the team, Buggles!

I am not making this up.

Buggles unleashes what is initially thought of as a gigantic laser blast, reducing the assailant to ashes. However, Ted explains it is teleportation. With the U.N. and its ambassadors saved, Booster and Beetle still have a problem. No location. Their sadness is quickly eliminated upon the arrival of a character seen in years, Trixie Collins, who was Booster’s former admin assistance way back in the original series!

Turns out, she did pretty well for herself and can provide a location for the duo to set up. Great! Fantastic! Things turning out well, right?


They’re not. Beetle teleported Omnizon someplace else. So she’s still on Earth, and she’s ticked off.

This month, art and colors are by Cully Hammer and Chris Sotomayor. Two talented artists who compliment the action packed sequences along with the comedy bits and facial expressions of a rarely-speechless Booster Gold.


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