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Comic Review: Image Comics Presents: Radiant Black #8 – It’s Not Over!

Radiant Black #8 carries right where last issue left off, with the newly formed Radiants fending off an individual who appears to be a super-powered version of the group. The Radiants, while not acknowledging their common bonds of being chosen, admitted last issue of the need to work together.

However, as we see in this part, Marshal, is still extremely reluctant to work together, let along with Satomi, AKA Radiant Red, who is the cause of Nathan’s current state. The being calling himself “The First” or “001” describes an impending doom, and warns if he cannot be defeated, then Earth has no hope for survival.

Like the previous issue, there is a mix of character development and dialogue along with the action fight scenes. The different pieces work very well together, giving these random people the opportunity to actually speak to each other when not trying to evade death. With each issue, we learn just a bit more about the other characters blessed (or cursed?) with these “Radiants” including their names in a very nonchalant way. No fancy introductions as though they’re Power Rangers, it just flows through conversations or events prompting their use.

I feel like I say it a lot, but Radiant Black is my favorite ongoing series. Kyle Higgins has masterfully crafted a story which, in my opinion, meshes the harsh reality of our times along with the perceived absurdity of the sudden appearance of super-powered individuals fighting against a cosmic threat. Even in 2021, humanity may either have a hard time believing it, or just stand around like zombies snapping photos for social media feeds.

The closing pages has a huge “holy crap” moment, which are not the words used by our featured characters.

Before we close, the beginning of a new chapter is previewed. We are taken to another location, with some individuals we have yet to be introduced to, and they have some pretty familiar technology in their hands.

Buckle up, next issue is going to hurt.

Radiant Black #8 is now available at your local comic book retailer.


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