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The Anniversary Brothers TV Podcast: Digimon Adventure 25th Anniversary

Aaron and Josh Sarnecky are here to talk about the 25th anniversary of Digimon Adventure.

Digimon Adventure is the first anime series based on the Digital Monster virtual pet toy, which itself is a spinoff of Tamagotchi. It first aired in Japan on March 7, 1999, with an English dub debuting on Fox Kids later that year. The series ran for 54 episodes, ending in 2000.

Digimon Adventure follows the eight DigiDestined children who team up with their Digimon (short for Digital Monsters) to save the Digital World. The DigiDestined are Tai (Joshua Seth), Matt (Michael Reisz), Sora (Colleen O’Shaughnessey), Izzy (Mona Marshall), Mimi (Philece Sampler), Joe (Michael Lindsey), T.K. (Wendee Lee) and Kari (Lara Jill Miller).

Digimon Adventure launched the Digimon anime franchise, which includes the direct sequel Digimon Adventure 02. In North America, Saban Entertainment combined the two short films from the first series and one from the second to create Digimon: The Movie. A remake of Digimon Adventure aired from 2020 to 2021.

Aaron and Josh discuss their relationship with Digimon before going into the show’s plot, characters, animation, and monster designs. They also discuss the inevitable comparisons to Pokémon and the legacy of the Digimon franchise.

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Digimon Adventure is streaming on Hulu

Aaron Sarnecky
Aaron Sarnecky
Aaron Sarnecky is a Senior Writer and Former TV Editor for The Pop Break. He is a TV/Film grad of Rowan University and the fraternal twin of Senior Columnist Josh Sarnecky. The two record retrospective podcasts together. Aaron probably remembers that canceled show you forgot existed.

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