Spiderman and Men In Black/ 21 Jump Street Crossover Films Get Titles


The new Spiderman and Men In Black/ 21 Jump Street film titles have been released at Las Vegas CinemaCon.

The new Spiderman film will be called, “Spiderman: Homecoming” which is said to be a reference to the homecoming in the film and outside the film as this is the first film to have Spidey come back to its roots in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

The film will star Tom Holland, who will be introduced in marvel’s “Captain American: Civil War”, and will be directed by Jon Watts and written by┬áJohn Francis Daley and Johnathan M. Goldstein.

While Homecoming is set to be a Sony Pictures production, it will be working with Marvel Studios on the film, as Marvel will serve as “creative producers.”

In other movie news, the Men in Black/ 21 Jump Street crossover, which may be the most interesting and wacky concept ever conceived, will be entitled MIB 23.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be back to reprise their role in the film, so this crossover will serve as a third film in the hilarious 21 Jump Street franchise as well as a reboot of sorts for the Men in Black universe.

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