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TV Review: Sullivan and Son, Season 2 Premiere

kelly duncan gets behind the bar …


The only thing I like more than a slightly dirty comedy is a politically incorrect one and, Sullivan and Son, is both. In the premiere episode of the show’s second season, Steve (Steve Byrne) is asked by his sister, Susan (Vivian Bang) to help her overachieving doctor husband, Jason (guest star Ken Jeong) loosen up by hanging out in the bar for the day.


Jason goes to the bar under false pretenses, expecting that Steve is having medical issues with his balls. That’s right, his balls. As can be expected, Jason calls Steve out on his decision to leave his high-power lawyer job to work at the family bar. Less than expected is Jason’s willingness to try a beer, his amazingly low-tolerance and the rash decision to quit his job and be just like, Steve.

Admittedly, the jokes that were told were humorous, but there could’ve been more. Perhaps, I simply expect too much from 30 minute comedies. The highlight was OK Cha Sullivan’s (Jodi Long) mini-tirade when Jason brings all of his Korean doctor friends to the bar to experience the lazy life of an American. She truly brings the overbearing mother stereotype to life.

Meanwhile, Melanie (Valerie Azlynn) realizes that all of the male regulars at the bar aren’t quite the sports experts that they pretend to be. She starts a support group where she teaches them the things they don’t know about sports. This subplot seems essentially created as filler, but it did give the guys an opportunity to mention the fact that they’ve often wondered about whether or not Melanie had a penis. In the real world, she is far too attractive for a bunch of barfly’s to honestly have such a thought, but it still provided a chuckle.

Overall, the episode wasn’t a full-blown gut-buster, but it was consistently funny. If you’re not already a fan of the show, I’m sure this episode will pull you in.

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