Fall Video Game Preview

logan fowler previews the five video games he’s looking forward to…

When my favorite season of all begins, you won’t find at your local multiplex. Some of the best entertainment is hitting video systems within the next few months, and I’m drooling with anticipation. So bust out the pumpkin pie, apple cider, and game controllers; here’s my top five video game picks for the fall season.

1. Goldeneye 007

Release Date*: November 14
Here’s the Deal: Remember way back when, in the good old days of the Nintendo 64 when characters were blocky and the game cartridge was nearing extinction? Well, there was an excellent first person shooter that graced the system called Goldeneye 007, based on the James Bond film. While the campaign was fun, the multiplayer to this day is loved by gamers everywhere. Nintendo and Activision decided to remake the classic, bringing it into today’s modern age with online play. It is also important to note that Daniel Craig will be replacing the Pierce Brosnan pixilated Bond, and with the film series in trouble, it may be Craig’s last go-round as the super spy. Whatever the case, this is one remake that hardcore Nintendo fans are going to get day one. Grab your golden guns, guys and gals; Goldeneye is back and better than ever.

2. Halo: Reach

Release Date: September 14
Here’s the deal: Serving as a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, Reach is the explanation of the war beginnings between the Covenant and the Spartans, and also the origin of the XBOX’s mascot, Master Chief. It is also Bungie’s swan song for being an XBOX/Microsoft exclusive company, for anything post Reach will be multi platform. From what I’ve heard, Reach’s campaign is quick and anti-climatic; anyone who knows the Reach story (there was a novel) knows the ending of said campaign. However, a “pull-out-all-the-stops” multiplayer mode promises Halo fans more bang for their buck than ever before, and knowing the strength of previous Halo multiplayer modes, Bungie wouldn’t disappoint.

3. Kirby Epic Yarn

Release Date*: October 17, 2010
Here’s the deal: Platforming at its cutest, Kirby Epic Yarn is a Wii 2-D adventure featuring the little pink puffball with an interesting aesthetic; the world of dreamland looks like something out of a storybook. Adding yarn texture to the characters and layout is something quite different for the enemy eating-and-swallowing protagonist, but the always solid gameplay and fun are sure to please new and old players who take in Kirby’s adorable new makeover.

4. Rock Band 3

Release Date*: October 24
Here’s the deal: Even though the music game genre seems like it has started to run out of gas, Harmonix (Rock Band creators) aren’t giving up just yet. Adding a keyboard to the mix, as well as allowing players to learn how to play real instruments through the game (about time guys!) is a definite reason to check out the next installment in the Rock Band franchise. However, the one sour note (hehe) that is apparent here is how much everything will cost, and if fans can take in more peripherals than they already have. Still, I would trust Harmonix over Activision at this point; I can’t stomach Guitar Hero anymore. Rock Band all the way.

5. Epic Mickey

Release Date*: November 28, 2010
Here’s the Deal: Mickey is back like you’ve never seen him before. A Wii Exclusive, Epic Mickey sends our titular character into a place called Wasteland, an alternate reality chock full of Disney’s rejected characters. Mickey can wield paint tools to change the world around him, leading him to follow his path to greatness. Everything you do in this game has a reaction, so with that being said, it seems that Disney took its time with this game, trying to bring Mickey back to gaming greatness (see Mickey Mousecapade or Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse for Example). The idea to also involve forgotten Disney characters seemed quite innovative, so while I’m not a massive Disney fan (Pixar is a different story though), Epic Mickey has received critical praise ever since it has been mentioned. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Now where at my mouse ears at?

*Release dates are subject to change. Hopefully they don’t. I don’t want to wait any longer for these games.