Link to the Past: Back to The Future

logan fowler debuts his new column: a link to the past


Every once in a while, you may discover something from the past that you never knew existed, that you knew existed but never took time to invest in, or you just knew about it and it completely loved every second of it. These are some of those memories that I’ve experienced in each one of those previous categories. Every so often I’ll be tapping back into those things that made entertainment history, or ended up being a cult classic.

With that said, I introduce you to my column: A Link to the Past

And what better way to kick this column off than to discuss time travel?

Back in the year 1985, when I was the mere age of 2, a film was released that I hold very near to my heart in this modern time. Combining science fiction with comedy, giving us some great quotes and unforgettable characters, not to mention spectacular special effects that still hold up, it was a little film called Back to the Future.

Celebrating 25 years since being released, Back to the Future has fans all over the world. It has spawned two sequels in later years since the original released, forming a stellar trilogy. It has also had an animated TV show based on it, and a now shut down (:sniff:) ride that operated at Univeral Studios in Orlando, Florida.

This film has such an impact on me, I sit down whenever it spontaneously comes on my television. Watching the events unfold as they do always brings a new found excitement even though I know the end result. Also, what Back to the Future has in dialogue and pacing content is pretty impressive; a ton of lines pay off, and you must pay close attention to the film to witness changes that the time line alteration presents.

If you don’t know the story, well then, what’s wrong with you? Get to your computer and Netflix it, or see if you can get it in a video store nearby if such a place exists near you.

Anyway, if you know the story, then I won’t discuss the plot elements, most likely cause anyone who has seen the film has seen it more than once.

What I will say about the movie though, is that it basically immortalized the careers of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox for the generation that viewed the film, as anyone who has seen projects of the two following Back to the Future have referred to the actors as their characters from Back to the Future, more in the case of Lloyd than Fox.

It’s an excellent film, one that, after 25 years, has no talk of remakes in sight (thank the lord), or some talk of a 3-D conversion. It has no glossed over CGI enhanced edition on the way. There are theater showings of the film across the nation, there has been youtube videos featuring fans making their own time travel DeLoreans. There are exclusive toys still arriving in stores, and tons of nerds who sport Back to the Future apparel.

Gaining exposure with new merchandise, new DVD editions, parents showing the film to their young ones, and news of a re release in AMC theaters this October, Back to the Future will live on, regardless of its age. The film demonstrates everything we love about cinema; adventure, excitement, imagination, and fun.

It is a film that stands as one of the best of all time, whether it be the past, present, or future.

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”