Shipwrecked at The Shore Interview Series: Plus Plus Minus

lauren stern interviews the indie supergroup as they prepare to headline tonight’s shipwrecked at the shore music showcase at the wonder bar in asbury park, n.j.

Red Bank, N.J. natives Plus Plus Minus (Jed Higgerson, Quinn English, Lisa Cusack English) are a newly formed trio with their main focuses being playing the music and having fun. The band only has released two demos since they formed last year, however after listening to both, I would say they are off to a pretty great start. Plus Plus Minus will be performing at Pop-Break’s Shipwrecked at the Shore Showcase at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park on March 22nd, so don’t forget to stop on by and check them out!

Recently, I spoke with Jed Higgerson about the band’s major influences, touring experiences, and upcoming plans for this year.

PB: How did you come up with the name Plus Plus Minus?  

Jed Higgerson: Ha, the answer is actually three-fold. First of all, I had heard of it as a means to be more productive at work when people keep interrupting you.  Meaning, say two nice things (plus plus) and then cut them off by saying you really have to get back to a project or something (minus). Secondly, we found it matched our personalities: Quinn and Lisa are both positive, optimistic people while I tend to be a negative, pessimistic soul. The last explanation is that we have a girl in the band so that’s a “minus” haha.  Never gets old. 

PB: When Pop-Break first interviewed you for our Mad Wednesday Interview Series this past September it seemed like you were just getting started. What are some major changes or events that have happened since then?  

JH: We haven’t changed as much as a pair of socks since then to be honest.  We seem to have caught on a bit with our friends and fans of music in the area so we’ve been regularly playing 2-3 shows a month, which is way more than we could’ve hoped for or wanted. But it’s good stuff and has been mostly fun thus far. I think most people in the area just liked that there was finally a new local band to come check out. I mean, I think. 
PB: Who would you say are some of your major influences?

We fail on a consistent basis to sound like Queens of the Stone Age yet we try again and again.  So influences I would say end up being bands of the 90’s. All of them. 
PB: Are there any plans to release an E.P. or a full length album this year?

JH: Depends on who you ask. I have absolutely no desire to do so and would rather just keep playing out. Quinn very much enjoys the recording process and would like to record and I literally have no idea what Lisa wants to do because I hate talking about it. But I’m sure she would like to record something as well, so I may be outnumbered. 

PB: You’re performing at our Shipwrecked at the Shore Showcase in Asbury Park. How do you feel about the scene there?  

JH: I can’t give you the “it’s the cultural Mecca of the Jersey Shore” speech that may be expected and familiar, but it presents options on a local scale which is nice. It’s a good place to go out, hang/play and then leave. And there’s a White Castle on the way home…
PB: What has been your favorite show you played so far?  

JH: They’re all pretty fun in their own way, I mean that’s the only reason we started this band. Just to play and have fun with our friends. We had a really good time about two weeks ago performing for Lucia Holm’s art show at Cowerks/Bands on a Budget HQ in Asbury. Good people. Cheap thrills. 
PB: Do you have any tours or noteworthy shows planned for this upcoming year?

JH: Ha, not particularly. he whole Asbury to Red Bank, Red Bank to Asbury stretch has been wearing us down. But no, again we just like to keep it local and play live and have fun. We’ll probably take April off and write a bunch of new songs and then we’ll be back in May. Thanks for having us play the Pop-Break Showcase at the Wonder Bar! We’re looking forward to it. 

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