“12 Slays” of Christmas: Saint Nick

ann hale hangs out with ol’ saint nick…



On the second day of Christmas, my Netflix gave to meeee…..Alright, I can’t make a rhyme out of that with this movie title. Tonight’s film isn’t based on America’s Christmas but instead on Saint Nicholas Day in the Netherlands. However, since we do celebrate with Santa Clause, otherwise known as Jolly Old Saint Nick, this film does apply. This movie is appropriately titled Saint Nick.

It starts out on December 5, 1492. Saint Nick rides into town on his white horse with his flunkies, collecting riches they have left out for him. If their doors are locked, they break them down or climb down the chimney. If they do not cooperate, their homes are burnt down. He demands that they leave the following out by the full moon: gold, silver, pigs, furs, meat, virgins, wax, and servants. The townspeople, however, decide they will not give in any longer. They kill the flunkies and set Nicholas’s ship on fire with him on it.

It’s December 5, 1968 in Holland. Wooden shoes are left out with care for Saint Nicholas to bring them presents. The lazy ass father sends his eldest son out to check on the pigs as they are restless. While he is gone, the other children begin to get sucked up the chimney and the parents are slaughtered. The oldest son sees a white horse on the chimney and goes in to check on his family only to find his home covered in blood splatter.

December 5, present day in Amsterdam is where we pick up. Here we learn that when there is a full moon on December 5, Saint Nick comes to take revenge for his death by kidnapping young children and murdering any adult he encounters. The little boy who saw his family murdered is now a police officer in Amsterdam. The mere sight of a present makes him react violently. His only goal is to protect the people from Saint Nick by destroying him once and for all but the police force won’t believe what seems like a tall tale. Little do they know, his story is nothing but factual and they are all about to pay.

This seems like the perfect film for haters of teenagers. They get beheaded, face stabbed, and dismembered; all with plenty of blood. If you can’t find humor in that, the ridiculously deep voice of the old cop is entertaining for anyone. This is actually a pretty high budget film for horror. The makeup was done well, the computer graphics weren’t horrible and the story was fun to follow.

Saint Nick is available on Netflix if you find yourself interested. I recommend it and it will stay on my list for next year.

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