TV Recap: Gossip Girl, Series Finale

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We have reached the end over on the upper east side after six seasons of Gossip Girl. The affluent teens have grown up and the identity of Gossip Girl (voiced by Kristen Bell) is finally revealed.

The final episode opens with the reality that Chuck Bass’ (Ed Westwick) father Bart Bass (Robert John Burke of RoboCop 3 fame) is dead after falling from the roof where he and Chuck had been arguing. Chuck and love interest Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) take to hiding because they are wanted for questioning.

Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) finds an envelope in her suitcase while waiting for her plane to take off to California where she plans to stay. After reading its contents, she appears at Dan Humphrey’s (Penn Badgley) apartment wanting an explanation for the love story after Dan had posted a tell-all expose on the dirty details of Serena’s life. Dan has always been in love with Serena and he finally reveals his true feelings to her.

Jack Bass (Chuck’s uncle, played by Desmond Harrington) finds Chuck and Blair hiding out in a hotel room and convince the pair to finally get married so Blair won’t be called to testify against Chuck. The “Queen of Scheme” Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) quickly locates their family and friends to witness the union.

The police let Chuck off the hook since there is no hard evidence he was involved in Bart’s death. Dan gives his final story to Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) to post on his gossip column The Spectator and in the story Dan reveals he was “Gossip Girl” all along. After growing up in Brooklyn and wanting nothing more than to be part of the “in-crowd”, he learned this was his way of doing that. He became part of that world as a gossip writer with Serena as his muse.

Skipping ahead five years, we learn Nate’s gossip column has taken off and he is thinking of running for Mayor. Chuck and Blair have a son named Henry and all the family and friends are seen gathered for a big occasion. Dan stands waiting while we see Serena make her way down the steps in a beautiful gold wedding gown. In the end, the couples have found their match; Chuck and Blair and Dan and Serena.

I can’t say I’m a loyal fan that has seen every single episode but I did watch a majority of the series and the juicy drama of growing up on the Upper East side was enjoyable to watch. There was something for everyone on this show because each character was unique. The series finale would not have been complete without the much awaited revelation of Gossip Girl. I was definitely surprised to learn it was Dan all along but thrilled to know it began because of his love for Serena and wanting to be a part of “that world.” Each character got what they truly wanted in the end. Blair became successful in the fashion world and married the love of her life while Dan a.k.a. “Lonely” Boy got what he wanted from the very first episode; Serena. It’s sad to say goodbye to these characters we’ve grown to love over the past six years but there was really nowhere else to go with the story lines. The finale lived up to its’ expectations in my opinion and I love where each character ended up.

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