Album Review: ‘Turn Up the Stereo’ by Delhi 2 Dublin

bill bodkin does a little bit of fusion…

D2D_low Res_CD cover

A friend of mine once had an idea for a restaurant he wanted to open called “Interracial Dating” where every menu item would be some sort of fusion dish — melding different ethnic cuisines together for your culinary pleasure.

While this restaurant has never taken off the ground, the idea of cultural fusion has always been something everyone from culinary masters to the most skilled musicians have attempted. Sometimes the results are unforgettable — The Beatles employing Ravi Shankar, Jay-Z collaborating with Panjabi MC, Matisyahu fusing reggae with Judaism.


Look at the three names we mentioned — one of, if not the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands ever, one of, if not the most famous rapper of all-time and one of, if not the most unique performers to hit the alternative music scene in nearly two decades. This idea of fusing music that is so distinct to one region of the world with another is not an easy thing to do.

So that’s when presented with the concept of a Canadian outfit fusing Indian Bhangra and Celtic music with dub and electronica — eyebrows are immediately raised.

On the surface this sounds like six degrees of crazy pretentious insanity — or in plain English…a train wreck. However, what we’re presented with by the Canadian group Dehli 2 Dublin is a really enjoyable record entitled Turn Up the Stereo.

The construction of every track on their latest record is layered beyond belief fusion that fun, big Bhangra Beat with the Celtic fiddles and that infectiously ethereal New Age vibe that the foggy rolling hills of the Emerald isle evoke. The combination can result in really fun dance music that’s minus the big “wubiness” of current dubstep and electro of today’s pop radio (Check the track “Code Red”) or some really chilled out yet expansive slow head bopping beats perfect to score a wide-screen epic movie opening shot or provide the chill soundtrack to a night in the hipper spots of the world (Check the track “Tabla Boy”).

Turn Up the Stereo is really one of those records that if you were into the “block rocking beats” of the late 90s or if have an affinity for Celtic or if you’re looking make 2013 the the year you break on through to the other side of your musical “comfort zone” and want to experience something truly unique.

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