Pop-Press: Punk Compilation to Support End of Violence Against Women

the news desk wants to support an important cause on Valentine’s Day…


Pop-Break’s Jeanne Crump and our great friend from The Obvious, Angie Sugrim, have organized a sick compilation of punk rock in support of V-Day.org, an organization that is spearheading the global movement to end violence against women and girls. Please check out what she has to say and spend a couple bucks for some really awesome punk rock music.


FEBRUARY 11, 2013: This Valentine’s Day, punk acts nationwide have come together to support one of the world’s most pressing and ongoing issues: women’s rights. Among rape, thousands of women every day are subjected to genital mutilation, blindly sold as slaves into sex trafficking rings, and are beaten to remain silent.

But, this Valentine’s Day, these punks won’t be silent. Punks for Progress is a campaign to raise awareness and donations for V-Day.org, a movement dedicated to ending violence against women and girls all over the world. Beginning this Thursday, February 14th, a compilation of tracks will be offered for a donate-what-you-want price on Bandcamp (punkforprogress.bandcamp.com). The compilation is offered in an effort to raise funds for the movement, but also to shed a much-needed light on the issue at hand. The compilation will be available through the month of February.

“A few weeks back I started noticing a theme whenever I opened up a newspaper. It seemed almost normal to read about a woman or many women being sexually assaulted, and even more disturbing was the argument that many of these women were somehow responsible for what had happened to them, as in the case of a young student from India who died from the injuries she sustained when she was gang raped in the capital city of the country after catching a bus home from the movies,” said Angie Sugrim, lead singer of the Asbury Park–based punk act The Obvious, and mastermind of the campaign.


“The reason I wanted to contribute to V-Day.org is because they work with women and men to prevent violence against women. Just reacting after it happens has never been and will never be sufficient,” explained Sugrim. “I want to start working on a society where we can even say the sentence “Rape Will End” and know that it’s the truth. This compilation is a small step towards that.”

The compilation features music from acts as established as The Bouncing Souls to emerging groups such as The Holy Mess, Lost In Society and The Obvious. Other heavy-hitting acts include American Pinup, Detournement, The Jukebox Romantics, Departures, The Scandals, Swaggerin’ Growlers, OC45, Ether Sunday and more.

For more information on V-Day visit www.vday.org. To download the compilation and make a donation, visit punkforprogress.bandcamp.com.

Band Links:
The Obvious: www.facebook.com/theobviousband
Bouncing Souls: www.bouncingsouls.com
Lost In Society: lostinsociety.bandpage.com
American Pinup: www.americanpinup.net
The Holy Mess: http://fucktheholymess.com/
The Swaggerin’ Growlers: http://theswaggeringrowlers.com/
The Scandals: http://www.thescandalsnj.com/
Detournement: https://www.facebook.com/DTRNMNT
Jukebox Romantics: http://www.jukeboxromantics.com
Departures: http://wearedepartures.com/
OC45: http://www.oc45sucks.com/
Ether Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/EtherSunday

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