Pop-Break Live: Matisyahu Acoustic [Asbury Park, NJ]

words and photos by bill bodkin


The Paramount Theater was abuzz as Matisyahu quietly walked on stage. Flanked by a three piece band, the crowd wondered how the Hasidic reggae artist, known for his high-energy shows, would be performing a special ‘intimate evening’ acoustic concert.

But one should never question Matisyahu.

Remember we all fell in love with him listening to his Live at Stubbs record, so we should’ve know that live, no matter the venue or type of performance, this MC would kill it. And kill it he did. Matisyahu’s glorious voice echoed throughout the legendary theater. Occasionally he’d break into beat boxing onstage (take that Justin Timberlake), which drew a huge response from the crowd.

All and all — it was a unique experience that hopefully the artist will keep as yearly tradition…one that we hope returns to Asbury Park in the near future.

Check out Bill Bodkin’s interview with Matisyahu from Summer 2012

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