Singles Party: Ivan & Alyosha ‘Running For Cover’

the gang feels acoustically inclined…


The new wave of alt, indie and pop music seems to be trending towards the emotional, heart on the sleeve, acoustically inclined folk/Americana scene. From the meteoric rise of Mumford & Sons to the popularity of The Avett Brothers, Phillip Phillips, The Lumineers and Of Monsters & Men, you can’t escape this bearded, earnest, corduroyed chorus-fueled style of music. The gang at The Singles Party column looks at the lead single from the duo of Ivan & Alyosha.

Brent Johnson: Brooklynites and public-radio listeners are bound to love this song — with its steady acoustic rhythm, earnest lyrics, and band members that fasten the top button of their shirts. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this entered the mainstream, too. More and more, heart-on-their-sleeves indie rockers are becoming embraced by the masses — and Aloysha & Ivan seem pleasant and harmless enough to break in. Still, say what you will about the indie-folk revival — nu-folk? — but at least Mumford & Sons drip energy. This tune? Not so much. I imagine a group this polished and melodic has better tracks than this one. Verdict: One and Done


Lauren Stern: When I listened Ivan and Alyosha’s single “Running For Cover,” two words came to mind: nothing special. No offense to these guys or anyone who enjoyed this single, but it wasn’t anything I haven’t heard before. It wasn’t a song that made me think “Oh that’s a cool riff” or “Wow this is such a good tune; I want to listen to it over and over and over and over.” It just didn’t have the wow factor I was searching for and honestly it was quite forgettable overall. Verdict: One and Done

Jason Kundrath: Let me get it out of the way. I’m adding this one to the playlist. But don’t mistake my vote for true enthusiasm. This song is perfectly lovely, and perfectly forgettable. Impossible to hate, but almost as difficult to love. Ivan & Alyosha effectively capitalize on the sound currently sweeping the nation via bands like Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers, etc. A folksy wall of sound. And to its credit, “Running For Cover” stands out in the sense that it elevates the formula with a lush and dreamy mix. But these guys hit one wistful note at the very beginning and ride it till the very end with surgical focus. As you listen, it simply fizzes away into the atmosphere. I imagine I’ll be hearing this in the background of many commercials and television dramas, if I haven’t already. But in six months, I wager no one will remember this one. Verdict: Add It

Bill Bodkin: Usually this is not the genre of music I tend to get behind, but when my wife played Ivan & Aloysha’s “Running for Cover” for me last week, I was swept up in the lush, beautiful, soaring chorus. It has a certain emotion to it that really strikes a chord with me. Yes, the song has its faults and it’s a bit repetitive, but damn it, this song just gets to me. I’m a heart on my sleeve kinda dude, so this song is right in my emotional wheelhouse. Verdict: Add It

Final Verdict: Sorry I&A, but it doesn’t seem like the gang is giving you an overwhelming vote of confidence. However, look at all the criticisms here, no one’s saying this is a bad song, it’s just not overall memorable song.


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