TV Recap: UFC 158

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UFC 158 has been one of the most anticipated fight cards of all time. We have been waiting for what seems like forever for Nick Diaz to face off against Georges St. Pierre. I really wish I could tell you that this fight was worth all the wait. I wish I could tell you that it lived up to all of the hype. And I really wish that I could tell you that either fighter lived up to their pre-fight promises of throwing the other guy a ridiculous beating.


This turned out to be just another GSP fight where he performs a lot of takedowns and doesn’t capitalize on them. He holds his opponent down and does his absolute best to not lose instead of fighting to end the fight. I can’t say much more in favor of Nick Diaz. His takedown defense was awful as GSP took him down at will for most of the fight. Diaz must have also left his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at home as he could do nothing on the ground. Although, in a great display of sportsmanship, Diaz did proceed to go after his opponent after the bell during every round. Stay classy. This fight was just another lame notch in the belt of the champion who, much to my dismay, is still hailed as one of the greatest fighters of all-time. In my opinion, great fighters finish fights. They do not ride their opponent until the final bell. GSP has not finished a fight since January of 2009.
Winner via Unanimous decision Georges St. Pierre


Now onto a fight that was the polar opposite. A welterweight war between two great fighter that showed up to try and kill each other — Carlos Condit vs. Jonny Hendricks. This fight was incredible. Both men came out swinging. Hendricks landed a ton of his signature left hands that have laid many men to the ground. Condit took the punishment and doled out a bunch of his own. Condit threw everything but the kitchen sink at Hendricks. Through flying knees, head kicks, and much more, Hendricks persevered. The difference in the fight was Hendricks’ takedowns. They were flawless and effective as he continually put Condit on his back. Condit however was always able to fight back to his feet and defend while on the ground. Both when were rocked at different points in the fight, but continued on to the final bell. These men put it on all the line for three full rounds, and that my friends, is what mma is all about. The judges saw in favor of Hendricks, but it was really that fans who won this fight. Any fan who was watching, would have much rather watched these two go a few more rounds than watch the main event. After the fight, Hendricks pleaded his case for a much deserved title shot, and it did not seem to fall on deaf ears. It appears that Dana White will grant the fight, and that Georges St. Pierre will be in a lot of trouble.
Winner via Unanimous decision: Jonny Hendricks.


In another great welterweight battle, we watched as veterans Nate Marquardt and Jake Ellenberger try to take each other’s heads off. These are two of the hardest hitters in the welterweight division and it was no shock to anyone that these two came out swinging. Marquardt threw some stiff kicks to the legs and body of Ellenberger, following it up with some hard punches. Ellenberger was throwing some hard leather of his own though, and at about three minutes into the first round, Marquardt stayed open, just a second too long and caught a nasty left hook followed immediately by a devastating right cross. Marquardt dropped to the ground and Ellenberger finished him off with a few more punches, as the referee stepped in to end the fight.
Winner via KO: Jake Ellenberger


Middleweight fighters Nick Ring and Chris Camozzi definitely know how to bore a crowd to death. This fight was another fine example on how not to fight in the UFC. Ring kept throwing leg kicks with nothing behind them, and Camozzi was content to throw weak punches. Neither fighter did much to inflict damage on the other for all three rounds, and by the end of it all they just looked tired. I’m just not really sure from what. Anyway, without wasting anymore time.
Winner via doing just a little less shitty than the other guy: Chris Camozzi

The opening fight of the night was a lightweight matchup between Mike Ricci and Colin Fletcher. This was by no means a great way to start the evening. Neither fighter really pushed the pace or showed any sense of urgency throughout the fight. Ricci scored a few takedowns and there were some attempts at head kicks and backspin fists. I won’t bore you much with all the details. With a division as stacked as the light weight division is, these guys should have been fighting their asses off. Dana White has proven over the last few months that if you are not pulling your weight, you will be fired. But I guess that memo was not received.
Winner via unanimous decision: Mike Ricci

Preliminary Card Results:
Patrick Cote def. Bobby Voelker via unanimous decision
Darren Elkins def. Antonio Carvalho via TKO (punches)
Jordan Mein def. Dan Miller via TKO (punches)
John Makdessi def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision
Rick Story def. Quinn Mulhern via TKO (punches)
T.J. Dillishaw def. Issei Tamura via TKO (knee &punches)
George Roop def. Reuben Duran via unanimous decision

Post Fight Honors:
Fight of the Night went to a well-deserved Carlos Condit and Jonny Hendricks
KO of the Night: Jake Ellenberger
No submission of the Night honors were awarded as there were no submissions.