The Singles Party: Sky Ferreira ‘You’re Not The One’

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Our music editor Jason Stives has this knack for picking out artists that are on the verge of breaking out into something huge. In the three years plus he’s been working with us he’s inundated the with album reviews and interview requests for obscure bands. Within months those artists explode into the new hotness. The guy’s got a gift. So this week we took his heed and are looking at the new one from Sky Ferreira called “You’re Not The One.”

Matt Agosta: I usually listen to mostly Hip-Hop, but I’m always welcome to great music, so when I first listened to Sky Ferreira’s song “You’re Not The One” I was pleasantly surprised. She’s got a real unique sound in her voice and I’m digging it. She’s not singing about the bullshit that the radio holds these days, but instead she gives an honest account of a relationship. The hook is really catchy and is the part of the song that really sparked up my attention and I got me wanting to replay the song a couple times over. The bridge at the end is when Sky really lets her voice out and makes you notice just how talented of an artist she is. Not to mention those drums in combination with that sweet guitar riff throughout the song goes really hard but at the same time has a chill feel to it. I was bobbing my head throughout the entire song and could really feel what she was saying. Sky is a great find and I think she’s got a future in this stuff. Verdict: Add to Playlist


Lauren Stern: I dig Sky Ferriera’s new track. She has a great voice and it’s nice to hear a pop song that isn’t so overproduced. However, I don’t think this is a track that’s going to gain much traction. It’s just very weak in comparison to some of the mainstream and underground pop artists out there right now. Maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t see the “IT factor” here. Verdict: Abstain

Kelly Gonsalves: The way I see it, there are two types of music: the kind that’s an activity within itself and requires thought, concentration, an entire conscious mind — and the kind that exists in the background of your mind, simply and thoughtlessly, that can change a whole room without imposing on those within it. This new Ferreira single epitomizes the latter. It’s a mood-setter, light and dirty, and in that regard, it’s one of the best of its kind. The rough garage band sound is refreshing, the fluttering main guitar riff is catchy and original, and the lyrics don’t try too hard. Everything is just enough. In an industry in which everybody is trying very hard to sound offbeat and different, it’s refreshing to hear an artist who can accomplish that without tricks, over-experimentation or gimmicks. Verdict: 100% Add to Playlist

Nick Porcaro: I have a few nits to pick with the lead single off Sky Ferreira’s upcoming album Night Time, My Time. For one, the production is unnecessarily messy. There’s a ugly, chunky guitar tone clashing with the Tinkertoy percussion in a way that overshadow her vocals in the track’s more tender moments. And the chorus is one of the less imaginative I’ve heard in recent memory. Song title + high notes = instant hit, am I right?! BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS because this song soars anyway. Sky has the perfect voice for this type of breezy, sensuous slow bounce of a pop track. I’m swaying my hips awkwardly as I type this. Sorry for that visual. Verdict: add to playlist.


Jason Stives: I’ve always said if you start your song out with a drum beat you will always have me hooked. However, Sky Ferreira took it further with me with a cavalcade of techno pop hooks that are both haywire and simplistic. “You’re Not the One” comes off less than clean in its production but her towering vocals soar above all the clunky drumming and whistle to the wind keyboards and guitar parts. Then there is the repetitive nature of the chorus, too. Repetition has a chance to always draw in the audience or alienate quickly and despite being ever so simple here the lyrics hit all the right notes creating one hell of a pop song. Now if only we could get it to radio. Verdict: Add to the Playlist

Bill Bodkin: I thought there was no way I would dig this song. I’m kind of over the supersaturated synth pop world. Everywhere I turn there’s another pint-sized pixie with a keyboard behind her blaring updated New Wave beats. However, there’s something different about Sky Ferreira’s “You’re Not the One.” This song has staying power. Unlike her peers which churn out forgettable, hollow synthed-out track, Ferreira’s song is memorable. Even after listening to the song 10 minutes ago, “You’re Not the One” is still bouncing around my brain. It has this dark, enchanting and sensuous early ’90s pop vibe to it. This song is a star-maker for Ms. Ferreira. Verdict: Add to the Playlist.

Final Verdict: We loves us some Sky. We think you should too.

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