31 Days of Horror: Halloween (The Original)


The time has finally come. The greatest day of the year is here, people are already drunk, and I’ve already eaten enough candy to ensure a premature death from diabetes. I have spent all month watching movies that I felt were perfect for this year; some great, some complete cheese but all great in their own way. The truth is, after day one with The Exorcist, I spend the entire month looking forward to day 31, when I finally get to watch all-time favorite horror film which, as you can guess, is appropriately Halloween.

Michael Myers was only six years old when he murdered his sister Judith in cold blood on Halloween night. Fifteen years later, on the night before Halloween, Michael escapes from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and makes his way back to Haddonfield, Illinois. Dr. Loomis, knowing that Michael is pure evil, knows that nothing good can come from Michaels escape and heads to Haddonfield to cut him off.

Laurie Strode is a high school student, a good girl by most standards. She does well in school, she gets along with her parents and, with the exception of a little pot smoking with her friends, doesn’t cause any trouble. Tonight on Halloween, Laurie is babysitting Tommy Doyle while her friend Annie is down the street babysitting Lindsey Wallace. Annie brings Lindsey over to the Doyle’s so she can meet up with her boyfriend. She never makes it there as Michael kills her first.

Laurie’s other friend Lynda and her boyfriend Bob show up at the Wallace’s house expecting the house to be empty so they can hook up. When Bob goes off alone, Michael stabs him to death and then strangles Lynda while she is on the phone with Laurie. Laurie heads over to the Wallace’s to see what is going on and finds the dead bodies of her friends.

Now Laurie has to find a way to escape or defeat Michael Myers before she ends up another one of his victims.

I don’t need to tell you that I love Halloween. I love it from the white painted William Shatner mask to the simple yet menacing theme song. Michael is, in my opinion, the most brutal of slasher film killers. He has absolutely no regard for human life. He will kill anyone and anything in his path to Laurie Strode. Laurie is a total badass. Sure, in the first Halloween film and in most of the second, she is kind of whiney but she manages to hold her own and survive. When it comes to Halloween: H20, she is 100% without a doubt badass. In a horror film, she’s the one I’m hiding behind, but with my back against a wall so that Michael isn’t behind me because, let’s face it, everyone in Laurie’s life dies.

Have fun tonight, everyone. Get dressed up, get wasted and get laid but keep your eyes open because you never know where Michael is hiding and your drunken ass is his favorite treat.

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