The WWE-ek: Battleground Preview


It’s around the corner, and I still do not know what the hell a Battleground is. Is there a gimmick? Something? Why in the hell are there two pay-per-views in October again? I thought WWE gave up this two-ppv-a-month crap because it was pointless and outright money-loser?

Anyway, with another Bryan vs. Orton highlighting the show, one has to wonder what surprises lie in store for us. Last event, Bryan pinned Orton clean, only to be stripped of the title on RAW. We could get another clean finish, only to have it ruined the next night. With Hell in the Cell at the end of the month, I doubt we will see the end of Daniel Bryan vs. The World. It seems clear from this point on, each pay-per-view is only setting up the next one. The obvious being Survivor Series, where Bryan will lead his team again Triple H and his Corporate Crew. I am worried the Bryan vs. Triple H gimmick may begin to run dry. How many times can you give a guy the title and then take it away before fans get bored? WWE has allowed Bryan to prove he is the best in the company right now, having his clean win over Orton at the last major event solidifies that.

One has to wonder if John Cena were not injured, what role he would be playing in all this.

One has to wonder if Zack Ryder wasn’t a jobber, what role he would have in all this.

One has to wonder WHY IN THE HELL The Great Khali still has a job.

One has to wonder why El Torito gets more attention than Los Matadores.

Let’s take a look at the rest of Battleground, shall we?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow
So we have a match pairing for no reason. Haven’t seen that since 1992. It’s the former two-time World Champion against Mr. Money in the Bank. How far has Ziggles fallen? Sandow on the pre-show? Hoo boy.

CM Punk vs. Ryback
This one might be good. Might be. Ryback can deliver the brute force, while Punk can fly and daze. This is all about Punk being able to go after Paul Heyman. I am glad to see the Heyman stable get built up, no surprise it is with a guy lacking in mic skill. Heyman is a career maker, that is for sure, and the former modern-day Goldberg has been on the creatively challenged road lately. Regardless of the outcome, Punk vs. Heyman family will continue on.

Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental Championship against R-Truth
How is this not the pre-show match?

AJ Lee defends the Diva Title against Brie Bella

Alberto del Rio defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Rob Van Dam
Is it time for RVD to hold the World Title? I would like to think so, as I don’t see many other contenders for it. Unless it’s Dolph Ziggler. RVD has gotten a significant push, but a win by ADR over RVD will elevate the Mexican Aristocrat. This will be a good match no doubt, but I feel all characters involved, Del Rio, RVD, and even the World Championship itself are all suffering from stagnation and lack of direction.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs. Rollins and Reigns of The Shield
This gets interesting. A win for the family earns them both jobs. A loss earns more ire and hate towards Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Out-of-nowhere Cody can become a top babyface for the company. I could see a situation where they win the match, but the hidden stipulation is much like the Big Show, where the McMahons own him.

It doesn’t seem like this is a great pay-per-view, but it doesn’t look terrible either. With the obvious Bryan vs. Orton match being great, I imagine Rhodes vs. Shield and ADR vs. RVD to be the other top bouts of the night. One has to wonder why WWE is insistent on overloading the ppv calendar again, instead of building up their feuds over a longer period of time.