TV Recap: The Tomorrow People

Editor’s Note: In advance of the premiere of tonight’s second episode of The Tomorrow People, we give you a look at last week’s series debut.


I don’t know why, but I seem to have a soft spot for anything about human evolution giving us super powers. A group of people coming together and realizing that they’re special, that they can do things. Watching them hone their powers and figure out how to control them. It’s probably because I secretly wish I’ll wake up tomorrow at Hogwarts and become the greatest witch that ever lived.

So clearly, I was predisposed to enjoy The Tomorrow People. But that doesn’t mean I will blindly follow a show like this. It also has to be good. And I’m on the fence about that. I wouldn’t necessarily call the pilot of The Tomorrow People good, but I would call it promising.

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/The CW
Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/The CW

It revolves around a high school boy named Stephen, who is struggling with “sleep walking” and “hearing voices.” It turns out that Stephen is not a homo sapien, but a homo superior (they thankfully acknowledge the silly species name), who has actually been teleporting in his sleep and communicating telepathically with a beautiful (well duh, it’s the CW. She’s a hot alien like all the other CW actors) fellow tomorrow person named Cara.

Stephen’s father was very powerful, so he was the leader of the Tomorrow People. But he’s missing, and they think Stephen is the only person who can find him. They are probably right, as it turns out Stephen has powers beyond what any of them have ever seen before. The main conflict is that an evil scientist (no, but really) is killing off the Tomorrow People in order to protect the human race. This guy Jed turns out to be none other than Stephen’s uncle. Yadda, yadda, basically all the stuff you’d expect from this kind of pilot. And there’s even a love triangle!

Overall, I was a little disappointed. There was nothing out of the ordinary, they managed to get almost every single plot point into the trailers, and the episode moved kind of slowly. However, there is something here.

The cast has a ton of chemistry and though we’ve just scratched the surface of all the characters, I believe they’re interesting and that they’ll have a lot to offer us as the show goes on. If the show continues to be a mecca of cliches with a slow pace and no surprises, obviously I won’t continue. Regardless, I believe the CW is the right place for it and whether or not it gets interesting, it will probably thrive.

But for now, I’m still hopeful. I label this pilot as has potential.

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