TV Recap: Scandal, ‘Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington’


Aw, hellz yeah. We finally got some gladiator action this week. The last two episodes have certainly been amazing (cause, uh, let’s be honest, there has yet to be a non-amazing episode of Scandal), but they were seriously lacking in our favorite team of gladiators in suits. Glad to see everyone getting some quality screen time this week.

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC
Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

So naturally their new client went to the White House to blow up some people. And Olivia ended up in the room and became the negotiator. Olivia “she who wears the white hat” Pope eventually got the answers she was looking for, too. Yeah, I’m telling you that my lady love prevented herself from being blown up while simultaneously helping her client. Chyeah she did.

The woman (I think her name was Mary but I’m just gonna refer to her as Crazy Bomb Woman) wanted answers. Her son had been killed by the FBI and labeled a terrorist, but the information on what actually happened was classified. All she wanted was for the file on her son to be declassified, because she truly believed he wasn’t a terrorist. She was correct, but unfortunately she can never know. Because life is cruel that way, what can I tell ya??

Actually it’s because he was an undercover CIA agent who recruited a ton of other CIA agents into a terrorist organization and if the truth came out, all of the still undercover terrorists would be in danger. Fo realz. Then Olivia told Crazy Bomb Woman her son was totes a terrorist, and Crazy Bomb Woman blew herself up. Sad, but… that craycray definitely had to die. This was some seriously solid writing. Shonda knows what’s up!

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC
Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

Huck was off on his own adventures this week, which left Quinn trying to hack into the FBI by herself. She failed, but I love when Abby calls her Baby Huck. We got some quality sexual tension between Abby and David Rosen. I honestly don’t even want those two to get together, I’m obsessed with their current dynamic. They love each other, but they don’t trust each other, but they kind of super trust each other. You know what I mean? You do know what I mean.

Huck’s adventure was trying to kill Olivia’s dad. But he couldn’t do it. He realized that all these years later, the commander of B613 still has command over him. That probably has to do with all those months (years??) in the hole. This lead Olivia to the stark realization that Jake Ballard was in her apartment for a reason. Somewhere down the road, her father will use him against her. Otherwise, he would still be in the hole.

She sat down on the couch with Jake and told him this. Then it was awkward. But it was this like amazing moment of awkwardness where the characters are taking in this light bulb that they’re just pawn’s in this one guy’s plan and there’s nothing they can do about it. And as we’re watching that dawn on them, it’s sinking in for us at home, too.

Why is this show the best thing that’s ever happened to my TV screen?

Monologue of the Week: DRUNK MELLIE FTW. Drunk Mellie is my new favorite thing on the planet. Drunk Mellie and her deliciously poignant words about the war on Olivia Pope. Put it on repeat for me, please.


  1. What has been your favorite “Scandal” scene so far? You know what was really fun to do? [Laughs.] This sounds a little more superficial than it’s intended, but the love scene in the Oval Office, when we ended up making love on the desk … I just thought that was such a great scene. The playfulness of it, and what it said about the nature of Liv and Fitz’s chemistry, and the kind of incredible boldness of Shonda Rhimes to create that scene in the first place, to have sex on the desk in the Oval Office. It was just so outrageous — that was really fun, and I loved doing it.

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