The Collection: Bo Cooper


Name: Bo Cooper

The State/Country You Live In: California


Favorite Horror Film and Why: Halloween 1978. I love all things Halloween and Michael Myers represents it well!

What You Collect: Mint In Package Horror Movie Figures, and Autographs.. Mostly the brand name figures from NECA, Mezco toys, McFarlane etc.

Your Favorite Piece(s) in Your Collection or What Piece(s) You’re Most Proud of: “The Night he came home” Halloween Box set that includes Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis and my The Exorcist Linda Blair signed figure.

What Inspired You to Start Collecting? The love of Horror! I wanted to own a little piece of it

The First Piece You Acquired and When: I remember having my 9th birthday party and my mom got me a Freddy Krueger cake! On the cake it had a plastic topper and I use to play with it all the time. I would pretend my other figures would fall asleep and Freddy would get them.

Your Favorite Story About a Piece You Have: Meeting Linda Blair in person and chatting about her role in The Exorcist was an honor and then having her sign the figure and putting “Sweet Dreams” on it was unreal.

You can follow Bo and his growing collection on Twitter and Instagram @BrawlinBo






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