The WWE-ek: Halloween Havoc


Great. It is time to break up the Shield already? It seems glaring as the Wyatt Family has taken over the spot of dominant stable, so Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns should start working on their new gimmicks. It was teased on Raw, again on SmackDown, although now they start racking up wins. Go figure.

Also on SmackDown, we get Dolph Ziggler… SELLING MERCHANDISE? Is he injured? He MUST be injured. That just has to be the reason why we are seeing this debacle unfold. Get well Ziggler. Get well. Please.

Other stars now suffering from an overcrowded roster include Fandango and Kofi Kingston. Kingston is jobbing on C-shows, while Fandango managed a win over Khali this week on Main Event. I still wonder how Khali has a job. Maybe he has a real-life “iron-clad” contract?

Also on Main Event, Los Matadores defeated Los Locales. Just taking a stab here, using my detective skills… but these generic looking guys wearing masks stolen from Ultimo Dragon’s closet are familiar faces. One is easily identified as Ricardo Rodriguez, just by looking at his tattoos. Yep. Do a Google image search. The other guy is likely Tyson Kidd or Justin Gabriel. Fun stuff. Hope they cleaned the masks before using them, they might be dusty. [Editorial Note: It’s Tyson Kidd]

The big news from this week, aside from John Cena being a Kryptonian is the possibility, TNA Impact Wrestling is up for sale. If you want to see how a company could turn around, check out Bill’s column on how he could reorganize Impact Wrestling.

The Carter Family has all but made it public they are done with their current career of flushing greenbacks down the toilet. All I can say, should TNA Impact whathaveyou stick around, they somehow return to what made them great years ago and enjoyable to watch. I still want Kurt Angle back in WWE, and it would be just freakin’ great if Samoa Joe finally made the jump as well. I enjoyed TNA when the first came out, and probably for the first five years of their existence. However, with bad management comes bad storylines and awful character changes.

With Randy Orton as WWE Champion, one has to wonder if now Big Show is next in line for the title push. I would be disappointed if Daniel Bryan’s run towards the strap is over. Triple H has banned Show from WWE, yet they keep bringing up some sort of “epic” lawsuit Show has on Triple H and WWE, and just to be sure fans take it seriously, they have David Otunga read a prepared statement. David Otunga. Where the hell has he been and how would anyone care about what comes out of his mouth? I would take a prepared statement from T.L. Hopper to be more of a serious event.

I worry about Damien Sandow. He’s been a jobber or main eventing C-shows for months, then he abruptly cashes in the Money in the Bank briefcase, only to lose. It was a good match on RAW, sad to see him be the first MITB holder to be pinned. I have some hope, as he remains in the main event scene through SmackDown, and I hope, I really, really hope his run towards the World Heavyweight Championship is not over. Have you listened to him on the mic? Do you see him in the ring. The guy is perfect. He should be the top heel going up against Cena.

What worries me about this scenario is one little thing. Cena, is up to 14 WWE/World Championship reigns. 14. Guess who he is getting close to. Ric Flair, record holder at 16 title reigns. I would not put it past WWE to pull some crap where Cena loses it to Sandow, or anyone else, regain it, drop it again, and then at WrestleMania 30 he wins it, thereby surpassing the record held by Ric Flair, just because it is WrestleMania 30, and its gotta be all sorts of super-special.

Kane turned his mask over to Stephanie McMahon. Wonder how many fans forgot Kane only put his mask back on just a few years ago. Not such a big deal, but it does appear a Corporate Ministry-like angle is forming. Remember the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon has his Corporation, and the Undertaker had his creepy ghoulish Ministry. They unified together and formed the Corporate Ministry, and damn was that a dominant stable if there ever was in WWE.

I miss Undertaker.

Will be get Goldberg vs. Ryback at Mania? Hell I hope so, I want to see if the reaction from the crowd will be similar to WrestleMania 20 when Goldberg faced Brock Lesnar.

Chris Jericho has an internet show. How the mighty have fallen.

That is all I have for this week. There is a calm right now, but the storm is about to hit. Winter is coming… So is Survivor Series.