The Singles Party: Justin Bieber featuring Chance the Rapper, ‘Confident’

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We’re proving a point here…we will give any song a chance. Justin Bieber is a lightning rod for hate, but you can’t deny his musical ambition with his Music Monday series, releasing a new song every week for the past couple weeks. This week he drops a new banger featuring Chance the Rapper, a hip hop artist on the rise. The Singles Party rolled up their sleeves and got dirty with this new one from the Biebs.

Nick Porcaro: One great verse can’t make up for mediocrity. The world witnessed earlier in the year as Kendrick Lamar’s show-stopping, year-making “Control” verse did little to help Big Sean’s middling album sales, and the phenomenon rears its ugly head once more with Justin Bieber’s “Confident”. Although Chance the Rapper is in fine form here—gleefully skittering around the beat in awe of a female twerkaholic who may or not be Miley Cyrus—the Biebster brings little to the table. His melodies are limited, his lyrics bland and unoriginal. Even a slick production job courtesy of The Sounds isn’t enough to bring out a hint of Bieber’s creative muscle. At least now I’m finally motivated to listen to Chance’s buzzed-about Acid Rap mix tape Verdict: One and Done


Mike Heyliger: Sweet Jesus, this song is awful. I must admit, I’d never heard Chance The Rapper before, and I was kinda excited to hear what all the fuss was about. But…man, that’s bad. Or maybe I’m just old. At any rate, I just think the song is a joke. Bieber is a joke. Verdict: One and Done.

Jason Stives: Put aside everything that most people feel about the Biebs for 4 minutes and look at him as someone with potential. Yes, that seems hard to do. Bieber isn’t exactly making a lot of friends as a musician compared to the fans he cultivates. But there is something there that says he could be a good artist even though he has already scored several hit singles of varying degrees. His recent Monday music sessions have been yielding some unique results and his latest “Confident” featuring Chance the Rapper isn’t exactly what I would have expected and that is both a good and a bad thing.

Chance’s verse is solid and actually makes you pay attention to the track because otherwise its a lot of meaningless repetition. From the beginning up until the end of the first verse Bieber, crooning a rather R&B/Hip hop style, is trying to gain our respect and attention. But that is as far as it goes on his end because the song sadly has no weight despite being an interesting effort.

I will not deny a surprising and unique attempt to weather the expectations but I will deny the repeat nature of this song. “Confident” despite being a welcomed change of pace doesn’t have enough flare to gain some kind of mainstream credibility and ultimately lingers as an afterthought. However, given time this might be an interesting path for the often despised pop star but right now it’s not a track to hate with venom as much as it is a track that misses its mark at being a good thing. One and Done

An illustration of Chance the Rapper (courtesy of his Facebook)
An illustration of Chance the Rapper (courtesy of his Facebook)

Kelly Spoer: “She must be foreign??” “This is her first time, but I think it’s a lie???” So, she’s confident and he’s okay with that. Really. Can someone explain to young Bieber what misogyny is? Lyrics aside, this song just sucks. Boring. It’s Beebs trying to be Justin Timberlake and failing miserably. It even sounds a tiny bit like “Suit and Tie.” The only thing interesting was Chance the Rapper. And even then, there wasn’t enough of him for me to fully grasp why he’s there on the song in the first place. Just. no. Verdict: One and done (and even one was way too much here)

Jason Kundrath: I am admittedly not fluent in Bieber. This track, however, doesn’t exactly inspire me to start studying his catalogue. To be clear, the track has potential, but Justin fumbles it. The beat and the production start him off with ample bounce and flavor, but Biebs idles the whole track doing his best Timberlake. Unfortunately, it’s not good enough. Chance the Rapper kills it for a few measures, but his kinetic skills on the mic cannot save this track. With any luck, “Confident” will at least expose Chance the Rapper to legions of new fans who are clearly in need of some better music on their playlists. Verdict: One and done

Bill Bodkin: Listen, if you know me, you know there was little to no chance I was going to like this song. But, for the sake of this column I gave it a listen. I think what I hate the most about this song is the absolute laziness of the song. It’s so monotone, so lackadaisically, so repetitive and just so uninteresting that it almost seems like Justin Bieber just doesn’t care, that he’s putting out music just to make a buck and puts no effort into. As for Chance the Rapper, how can ANYONE think his contribution was even remotely good? He basically talks his lyrics. There’s no flow here it’s just some young guy with a shitty rap name reading off a piece of paper like he’s reciting a poem in English class. Do you want my utterly frank and uncensored opinion? This track is one of the worst fucking songs I’ve ever heard in my life. I would rather have dental surgery than have to ever listen to this piece of shit ever again. I hate this song with every living fiber in my being. This song is the music death knell for Bieber. Combine this with his arrogant and destructive public persona and we’ll be seeing The Bieb in a “Where Are They Now” special within the next five years. Fuck this song. Fuck this artist. You can make a bad song and I get that, but to make a song where it seems like you don’t ever care, just enrages me.

Final Verdict. No. Just simply, no.

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