Web Series Review: But I’m Chris Jericho! Ep. 7-10


The seventh episode in the series But I’m Chris Jericho is chock full of awesome. Right off the bat we get Chris Jericho squaring off against famed actor Clark Cooper over a television ad gig. What starts out as a show of mutual respect quickly disintegrates into mutual disdain and unbridled hilarity. While Cooper takes the sophisticated route of Shakespeare, Jericho counters with a volley of scenes from Star Wars and The Big Lebowski. After several back-and-forth attempts to one up each other, following a segment from Cooper’s Hamlet, Jericho appears to get the win by shutting him down with an epic monologue from none other than a speech from Optimus Prime in the first live-action Transformers film. He’s no Peter Cullen, but I think Jericho nailed it.


Episode eight is the shortest of them all thus far, and also short on the comedy and rationale for being filmed in the first place. Jericho visits his agent to talk about possible gigs and the get his royalty check. When neither pan out, Jericho starts to throw a tantrum in front of Todd, the receptionist who is always on the phone with a girlfriend or wife, I am not sure, and I do not care. We get the point, Phil the agent is a complete idiot and it is only a matter of time before Jericho murders him New Jack style.

Continuing on with our coverage of But I’m Chris Jericho the ninth episode stalls out completely, ripping off from the movie Misery. When Chris Jericho comes down with a cold or something, next door neighbor crazy Chad (female) wants to come to the rescue. I won’t bother with the details, but she goes all Kathy Bates on Jericho, and sorry if you like Laurie Elliot, but she just isn’t funny here. The humor is forced, the jokes are weak, and the entire episode seems like just a way to show how messed up Chad can really be. If you look at the Characters section on the website, it says Chad is not only an obsessed fan and crazy neighbor, but she is also the landlord. Never mentioned that at all during the series. If I had not looked through the character information, I would have never known. I wish I never knew about this episode.

Thankfully, episode 10 picks up where we want to belong. With funny. With the crazy agent, with a guy in a wheelchair whose mother the agent happens to be shacking with. Crazy Phil holds nothing back when describing his relationship, disgusting both Jericho and Burtran Laylalister. The pitch is for a Drinking and Driving PSA, which Chris reluctantly agrees to since it is the idea of the wheelchair-bound Burtran. After much discussion, Chris, taking a serious tone, asks Burtran how he wound up in the wheelchair, and that is the moment my friends, where this episode takes a sharp turn to hysteria. The hilarity which ensues is pretty epic, capping it off with a surprise twist better anything M. Night Shyamalan could come up with.