The WWE-ek: The Holiday Week


It’s been a fun week in WWE. Sometimes not pushing the storyline and just giving the fans good matches is needed once-in-a-while, and this week proved WWE can produce some pretty decent programming. The notable exceptions were some bad pre-taped segments and of course getting a glimpse of The Great Khali. Been wondering what is so great about him anyway? The match between Mark Henry and Damien Sandow was pretty good despite some predictably corny parts. Then you look at the tag action which took place, and you would have thought you just finished watching a pay-per-view. This does prove you do not always need everything to be so rigid and lined up with a storyline or gimmick to be a good show.

But, with all that now past us, this month we can expect some major push for the Royal Rumble. This is it. The Road to WrestleMania begins right here, right now. Before we even think about the Royal Rumble, we should talk about things which may or may not happen, despite what the dirtsheets would lead you to believe. This week is about an upcoming new year, so let us forget about the past, and look ahead.

The Royal Rumble may be the ignition point for WrestleMania 30, but take a look at some other factors pre-Rumble premonition:

The Undertaker: Will he or won’t he? The guy is already 21-0 after last year and his incredible performance defeating CM Punk. Past appearances have had rematches, his encounters with Shawn Michaels and Triple H, both faced off back-to-back years but Undertaker came out victorious all four times. Will CM Punk challenge the Deadman yet again? Or are there other challengers ready for their chances to put an end to The Streak?

Batista: Oh boy. We got a promise of return, the date just days before the Royal Rumble which throws all sorts of monkey wrench into the works. I still think Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble match, I am not sure why everyone suddenly thinks Batista, a guy who has been gone for three years will suddenly show up and win the chance to face the WWE Champion. Truth is, those who think just that have a right to. Remember in 2008, John Cena miraculously returned from injury and won it at the #30 entry? Strange things do happen.

John Cena: He does not have the title. He is still WWE’s golden boy. But, history has shown us that just because it is an anniversary year, does not mean the company poster child will headline its biggest event. However, it might not be for the title, but would it be possible to see Cena vs. Batista, Cena vs. Lesnar, or perhaps… Cena vs. The Undertaker? If he is going to rematch against Randy Orton at the Rumble, then Cena is not in the Rumble match itself. Which would mean, the only way Cena headlines Mania is by defeating Orton for the championship at Rumble or Elimination Chamber.

CM Punk – Holding the championship for over 400 days, he fought Brock Lesnar, he fought Undertaker, he fought The Rock, he defended the title at WrestleMania, what is left for him to do? I imagine since his character has been toned down a bit, he will probably be in a big match, but unless he is facing The Undertaker in a rematch, or maybe a one-on-one with Triple H, I have difficulty seeing what sort of match he would even be in.

Goldberg – Yes, I said it. Goldberg. I have a feeling something may happen with him. WWE just put out a DVD of his wrestling history, so an appearance or two comes to mind. Would be in the Rumble match?

Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Ric Flair, The Rock, etc… It is WrestleMania 30. Would any of these people show up and enter the Royal Rumble match? Doubtful. Undertaker has a better chance of entering the Rumble than these guys.

I mentioned it earlier, so let’s not forget Elimination Chamber takes place before WrestleMania. A lot could happen at both pay-per-views, either planned or as usual WWE changing their minds about direction. Anything can happen.