Album Review: Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets, ‘Drop a Needle on The King’

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If we’ve learned one thing about Tara Elliott it’s this — she has no fear.

Her latest release, Drop a Needle on the King, is Elliott at her best, boldly fusing punk and blues while throwing caution to the wind and taking a number of musical risks.

Elliott’s risk-taking is best evidenced on the track “Shine On.” This is literally Elliott singing while a drum beat keeps time in the background. It’s a bold move that really could’ve flat-out failed, but Elliott’s reliance on her superior pipes made the song not only work, but gives the listener a few tingles up the ol’ spine. The solitude of the song also really puts the emphasis on the lyrics of the track, which are quite powerful.

While “Shine On” is an outstanding track, the barn burner here is “Nobody Can Break Me.” With Black Sabbath “N.I.B.”-esque riffs, soaring vocals and a blistering guitar solo, this track is the show stopper and the “must-add” to your playlist. It’s just pure electricity.

Drop a Needle on the King is a very strong release from the local Asbury songstress and guitarista that, while steeped in the rich tradition of rock ‘n’ roll, is still a very in the moment-sounding and entertaining as all hell release.

The record release party for Drop a Needle on the King is tonight, Friday, January 24th at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Doors open up at 8pm.

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