Pop-Preview: Monday Night RAW in Chicago

We don’t usually preview Monday Night RAW but tonight as the potential to be huge as this show emanates from Chicago, IL, the hometown of CM Punk. Yes, the man who up and left WWE after The Royal Rumble and has not been heard since.

Michael Dworkis and Bill Bodkin give some theories and thoughts on tonight’s show…

How awesome would it be, if RAW starts off with the Chicago crowd losing their minds? Imagine if you will, the theme music of CM Punk hits, crowd goes bonkers, but the erupting cheers turn to boos, as the WWE Troll, Wade Barrett then walks out, smug look on his face, and begins the evening with:

“Ladies and Gentlemen… I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS!” — Michael Dworkis

CM Punk could return to the WWE tonight. “Cult of Personality” will hit and The Best in the World makes a hero’s return in his hometown.

But should it happen?

If this is a work, it’s another stroke of genius by CM Punk and the WWE. They had us all fooled.

However, if this isn’t a work and this was a case of Punk taking his ball home and WWE conceding — I don’t know how I’d feel about it. Will the crowd see Punk as the baby who got his bottle, a brat who got his way? Or will they see him as a true punk rock, damn the man revolutionary? This could go either really good or really bad for WWE and Punk.

Do I think he actually will return? I think there’s a slim chance. It’ll go the way Mike predicted, Bad News Barrett will give us some bad news. Or absolutely nothing will happen outside of JBL making a snide “he’s not here” comment.

But if it happens or not, the WWE has us talking and it has us interested…and that’s what they do best.

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