The WWE-ek: Nobody Likes Batista


Nobody likes Batista. WWE knows it and uses it to their advantage. By putting him alongside Corporate Kane and facing off with Daniel Bryan and the Big Show, we see how WWE actually does listen to the fans.

The problem is this destroys their plan of a big marquee WWE Title match at WrestleMania. Problem is, no one actually cares who will win between Batista and Randy Orton. I don’t. This is WrestleMania 30, yet I feel like WWE is just not pushing their 30th anniversary like an anniversary event. This will feel like “just another” WrestleMania. is pushing the angle as best they can with a history of the Evolution stable and the feuds between Orton and Batista.

CM Punk no showed Monday Night on Raw, and it seems the fans are okay with it. They have come to terms with CM Punk being gone from the company. Except now WWE just announced their June pay-per-view, Payback taking place in Chicago. His no-show became a form of closure as everyone has finally calmed down and moved on. To think, a whole hijacking of RAW was planned over Twitter. All it was, chanting upon chanting. Which is what live crowds have been doing since the day after WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. All I can say is, good. He’s gone. Am I happy about it? No. Not at all. But facts are what they are, and Punk is off WWE television. It was, craftily addressed, and put to rest by the end of the show. Punk has his reasons and whether we like it or not, that is the way it is.

Where has Damien Sandow gone off to?

Dolph Ziggler got a win on RAW thanks to a celebrity whom nobody cared for.

Where is Curt Hawkins (besides mentioned in this column)?

Can we switch the NXT Divas for the WWE Divas? We’d get better matches, that is for damn sure!!

The Wyatts are on a freakin’ roll. Keep them as a trio. The family has been beyond brutal towards all comers, and I have to say, I have never before seen such a solid stable of performers since… The Shield. Luke Harper is a big man, who can fly. Erick Rowan is a pure solid brute and Bray Wyatt is just a box of everything. Speaking of the Shield… Looks like “That’s All Folks!” Shocker was seeing Seth Rollins be the one to bail first, when everyone expected it to be Roman Reigns. However, blame seemed to be on Dean Ambrose for being an instigator. It seems it will be up to Ambrose and Reigns to determine if The Shield will have a future. Sad to see it come to an end, but this is modern-day WWE, and teams lasting longer than a year seems to be a rarity.

Speaking of which… The Real Americans. Cesaro is going to get the big push while Swagger remains buried. Wonder who Zeb Colter will choose?

Speaking of choosing, how many of you have chosen to sign up for the WWE Network? Is it worth it? Don’t just read the column, post something! Reply!

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