Album Review: Augustana, ‘Life Imitating Life’

Written by Kayla Peters


Three years ago, who knew if Augustana would ever create music again. The band broke up and lead singer Daniel Layus went on a musical and philosophical journey to to reaffirm his passion for music and then put into music the complex emotions that coursed through his soul during the time period.

Life Imitating Life, the band’s fifth studio album, is both an affirmation of Layus’ love for music and an excellent reintroduction of Augustana to the world. Listening to this record makes me glad that Layus decided to not to give up on music.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cowart
Photo Credit: Jeremy Cowart

The songs of Life Imitating Life are beautiful — they make you feel happy, calm and kind of free all at the same time. The production on the vocals make everything crystal clear, making it incredibly easy to hear Layus’ every word, which is exactly what you want. His lyrics are so phenomenal, they literally tell you his entire story. The music of the record really seem to convey the importance behind the meaning of every single word. In the end, the synergy of lyric and music comes together beautifully.

While each song has great meaning and a sound all of its own, my hands down favorite would be the final track, “Remember Me.” It’s a really sweet, romantic song that I just can’t resist. The soft guitar matches Layus’ smooth vocals perfectly. This song made me think that while Layus went on this journey to find himself, he left someone behind and did not want them to forget him while he was away. The reassurance is really wonderful and the song is exquisitely written.

“Will you find me somewhere in your dreams?
When you’re swimming up against the stream
When the days get long, and you can’t go on
Sweetheart just remember me”

Augustana’s Life Imitating Life is not the type of album that would normally make its way into my playlist. Yet, after listening to it, I absolutely love it. This album, in its entirety is absolutely amazing and for those who are sleeping on this record, you’re truly missing out.

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