Album Review: Timeflies, ‘After Hours’


Timeflies, the best part of any Tuesday.

For those of you who are ill-informed and have no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to introduce you to one of the most talented music duos out there, Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick, vocalist and producer respectively. This duo is best known for its Youtube videos that are released every, you guessed it, Tuesday. Every week the guys of Timeflies pick a popular song, remix it, ad lib, sing and produce a completely new track for our listening and viewing pleasure. Timeflies recently tackled the ever popular and many times covered “Let it Go” and produced what has fast become one of my favorite songs.

So yes, these guys are great at remixing and performing their version of other peoples’ songs but how does the duo’s first album associated with a major label hold up? Fantastically. The new album, After Hours, is phenomenal and there are a few tracks that will undoubtedly get a permanent place on every listeners playlist.

After Hours is essentially a party album. You don’t need to look past “Somebody Gon Get It” which features T-Pain or “Swoon.” Both tracks are serious party anthems and are just so damn catchy. Shapiro’s vocals are on point. He can rap, ad lib, sing, belt it out and hit some crazy notes with his falsetto. Those vocals are even further heightened by Resnick’s beats, which are absolutely addicting. If you’re looking for the best party track on the album these are the two to start with. T-Pain kills it on “Somebody Gon Get It,” and the epitome of Timeflies sound is demonstrated on “Swoon.” If you want to know who these guys are, start there.

“I Choose U” is a fun, catchy pop/dance track, but the best upbeat track on After Hours is “All the Way.” It is the ultimate summer cruising track. It’s a song about wanting someone and having faith they may come around some day and how it’s important to love all the way. Timeflies released an acoustic version of this song too of just Shapiro and an acoustic guitar. The acoustic version shows how beautiful the song is and is worth a listen but either way, acoustic or not, it’s a great track.


Truth be told, there isn’t a song on the album that falls short of my expectations. “All We Got is Time” is about living life hard but not moving so fast that you miss something. After Hours screams positivity and will find the listeners rocking out with a smile. This album could be played through beginning to end at a club and the party wouldn’t stop. The one mellow track, “Monsters” is a great power ballad if you can even call it a ballad and features vocalist Katie Sky. While “Monsters” is a little different for Timeflies, it, too, is a success.

Why spend three minutes giving these guys a chance? Well, I cannot stand house music and I’m not a big dance music type of girl either but I have had this album on permanent repeat since it dropped on Tuesday, April 29. It will put you in a good mood and get you moving so give it a listen. What’ve you got to lose?