TV Recap: Orphan Black, ‘Governed As It Were By Chance’


Jumping from cliffhanger to cliffhanger is one of the many reasons Orphan Black keeps the fans coming back and we start and end tonight’s episode with that same method. “Governed as It Were By Chance” begins with the fallout of the car crash, which as we learn was caused by Cal, and has left the gun toting Daniel dead … or so we assume. It’s back on the run for Sarah, Cal, and Kiera but this time Sarah must go deeper into things — which may mean parting company with her daughter and her father for some time. The running away would have gotten old if it had continued so I am glad to see they nicked it for now and put it off to the side to reveal more information in this thickening plot.

Photo Credit: © Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA
Photo Credit: © Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA

I can’t help but feel like this week was all about big reveals. I think those little morsels are deserving after several weeks of set up and getting the ball rolling. Certain aspects of the equation are on stand — by but not running with the plot i.e. Cosima’s research coupled with her secret illness and Alisson being put into recovery for at least the next week. Then there is Cal. Oh, Cal. Despite being disconnected from “all this shit” as Sarah so eloquently put it he is greatly involved and it was hinted last week that his involvement in certain things (bee pollen and big dick military) seem to indicate something more than a mundane, off the radar woodsman. For now though he is a comforting father to Kiera who continuously proves to be such a smart and subtle little girl.

It’s great to see a show find a way to give multiple storylines their time on screen. Yet, sometimes, it’s best to push some stories to the back so that the bigger picture can be given more room to breathe. We learn more about Project Leda (sort of) and Mrs. S has more light shed on her; first she was a born killer and now she is quite the hussy in gaining information). Project Leda doesn’t have too much in detail yet other than Cosima’s somewhat lame brain theories (which might as well be part of a forum) but the history of the Leda name as a Greek God makes for an interesting study. For what it’s worth Helena is the key to this season and the one with the most interesting storyline. She finally escapes the Prolethians and discovering something frightening in the process that makes any acts of violence from here on out justified from my standpoint. The Prolethians are disturbing and Henrik’s ulterior motives are clearer than ever leading to one downright sinister revelation.

Photo Credit: © Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA
Photo Credit: © Steve Wilkie for BBC AMERICA

Again we are treated to a mouthwatering cliffhanger something that has become a hallmark of keeping the fans of Orphan Black around another week, I mean, not that it needs any help in doing so. The sheer horror on Sarah’s face when she sees Helena alive, baptized in Daniel’s blood holding a kitchen knife is something straight out of a great slasher film. Yet the wounds (figuratively at least) have healed and there is an awkward embrace from twin sisters that is both sympathetic and disturbing all at once. Something has been taken from Helena at the hands of Henrik and as we learn it’s an embryo. Life is a new and we are getting closer to figuring out what makes these twins capable of life. Damn you, Orphan Black. You beautiful beast you live to see another exciting week.

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