The WWE-ek: We’ve Got Bad News (Barrett)


Sometimes we forget WWE actually participates in events which go beyond what fans imagine. Sometimes we forget they send wrestlers to schools and communities for charity functions and inspirational guest appearances.

Then there is Make-A-Wish. This is the story of Conner “The Crusher” Michalek, who had the opportunity to meet his favorite wrestler, Daniel Bryan. After meeting him, Bryan, Stephanie McMahon, and others in WWE were so touched by this child, it was arranged for him to go to the ring with Bryan, and slug his nemesis Triple H, while other wrestlers at ringside cheered the young fan on as he pinned The Game as referee Mike Chioda made the three-count. The video package released by WWE came days after Conner passed.

I have no shame in revealing I shed a few tears while typing this. I shed a few more while watching the video. It serves as a reminder, a harsh one, of no matter how burdensome life can be, to always thank whomever you thank for what you do have.

Taking a look at this week, a lot of change, and a lot of surprises.

Not so surprising is the continued burial of Kofi Kingston. Did he do something I am unaware of? His level of jobberdom surpasses Zack Ryder with ease. Good lord, losing to Alexander Rusev twice in one week is just flat out horrific.

Could be worse, Kofi could job to the Great Khali.

Or, could be ever worse than that, as on RAW, Dean Ambrose was forced to defend the United States Championship in a 20-man Battle Royal, which he lost, and was won by Sheamus. But this is not the tragedy I refer to, but for Dolph Ziggler who was eliminated by Santino Marella and his goddamn Cobra puppet.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust will inevitably feud as the younger Rhodes is turning into an angry boy. For a while, his short face-turning feud with The Authority had potential, but since their loss of the WWE Tag Team Championships, seems Team Brotherhood has run its course.

Back to running its course, is the reign of Dean Ambrose. The guy held the U.S. Championship for 351 days. It sounds impressive, except he rarely defended the title at all, he probably had more title matches in the past three months than he had all year long. The loss does not hurt The Shield, it does not hurt Ambrose either. Had it been won by Kane or someone else as part of the Authority, it might have, but given the situation, a match forcing the loss, and to Sheamus, one of the top-tier powerhouses on the roster, I believe no one looks weaker for it.

The Wyatt Family continues the crusade of tearing down John Cena from within. It is a really good gimmick, calling out the fans who hate Cena, and those fans who do like him to question why they do. Their match against The Shield on RAW was damn awesome, as always. When was the last time you could have two stables fight it out and never disappoint? Without question everyone is on their game, and to quote Bill, they kill it each and every time. Shield has without a doubt been outperforming themselves. Each match they get better and better. You would think this to be impossible, but when you rule out all things possible, you are left with the impossible which becomes possible. This made sense to trekkies. The short end of it, when you think you have seen it all, you are wrong. Believe in the Shield.

What would my column be without talking about the greatest Intercontinental Champion of our time? Wade “Bad News” Barrett who delivered some more bad news to Big E. Langston, how he will not regain the title and he somehow continues to plummet in the minds of the fans. I actually really like watching Big E. in the ring and on the mic, I wonder how WWE creative suddenly felt it was time to stop pushing him and practically keep him off TV. My man Barrett has been embracing the wave of popularity with the fans, loved his Cactus Jack nod on RAW, and when he hits the Bull Hammer, you know it when you hear an entire arena shout “BOOM!”

I said it for months, and I let no one change my mind. “Bad News” Barrett continues to be the best thing right now and his recent reacquisition of the Intercontinental Championship is proof of that fact. I said it before and I damn well earned the right to say it again…

… “I told you so!”