Album Review: Lykke Li, ‘I Never Learn’

Written by Asia Martin


After being teased for two months with “No Rest for the Wicked” and “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone,” we finally get a beautiful and sacred listen of the last installment to Lykke Li’s trilogy with I Never Learn. The latest album is not as uplifting as her previous works (and the album art surely displays that) but it doesn’t fail to carry Lykke Li’s signature sound and style of pop, indie rock and electronic upgrades. Out of all the love pleading melodies my ears have audited this year, I Never Learn has some of the best heart-wrenching and most tender tracks. But don’t be mislead, the whole album doesn’t sound worn down from heart break. The production of each track is of quality and includes solid vocals, guitar solos and at times percussions reminiscent of Jazz’s golden-era.

I Never Learn: The mellow atmosphere setter to a following series of sappy break-up songs. Lykke Li paints a brief and metaphorical picture of her repetitive fate of unrequited love.

No Rest for Wicked: A strong track with bluesy vocals about dealing with pain of letting someone good slip through your fingers.

Just Like A Dream: The track with “Take Five” drum jolts! Beyond that, the song is dreamy with its higher pitched vocals and melody.

Silverline: “Be the night and I’ll be your shining light.” This track is a beautiful desire to stay in the dream like state of being in love.

Gunshot: Whoever Lykke Li let slip away, she is missing him badly. “Gunshot” picks up the pace and offers a bit of action to the dreariness of the

Love Me Like I’m Not Made Of Stone: A somewhat Accapella track with simple acoustics to accompany the wishing to be loved better.

Never Gonna Love Again: My favorite track that beautifully rides out the sentiment of not wanting anyone else to love but the one you are or were with.

Heart of Steel: A track dedicated to the 60’s musical arrangements of vocals and includes California’s surf rock instrumentation.

Sleeping Alone: Why must Lykke Li leave us with this saddest tale that bares the final result of heartbreak; learning to live without the person you invested a good deal of love and time into.

If there is one thing I enjoy about Lykke Li’s music is that the lyrics are heavy and her songs are believable. You are convinced by the lyrics because the vocals effortlessly ooze emotion out of each verse. Although, its a pretty sappy album with accounts hopeless romantic antics, it is not dreary. This isn’t my favorite work from her; I hit replay many times to see if the whole piece would grow on me. However, I Never Learn is pretty authentic to Lykke Li’s style and that is always enjoyable.

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