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Infliction starts out with two brothers, John and Kenny Stiles, who work in a Cheaters type business, videotaping people cheating for their paying spouses. After a phone call from their mother about the health status of their father, the brothers head on a car ride to North Carolina where they videotape themselves on a psychotic killing spree under the motivation of filming a documentary on how people’s actions affect others.

Kenny’s theory is that there is good and bad in everyone. Certain things can happen to good people to make them do bad things. In this instance, these brothers were good but certain happenings in their lives forced them to inflict their own pain onto the people they find responsible. Following in the footsteps of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Man Bites Dog, they video tape the whole gruesome trip.


First, the brothers go after a judge to punish him for a ruling he made. This is followed by an attack on a couple who refused to help someone who came to their door out of fear of “getting involved.” Next up is a female social worker who finally reveals the twisted motive behind it all. This is a motive for you to find out on your own.

As far as found footage films go, Infliction is a decent one. Any person with the slightest amount of gullibility might actually believe the story to be true. Marketed to be real found footage, like The Blair Witch Project, there are no actor’s names to be found. Even a search on IMDb will leave you empty handed. The attempt to make this look real involved quite a bit of effort, but the occasional obvious acting and some of the death scenes keep me from believing that the found footage is actually real. Well, that and the fact that, living in North Carolina myself, I would’ve heard of them.

Infliction shows how easily a victim can become a criminal and how society views them. Perhaps it was society themselves that created the monster inside that good person. Unfortunately, hate begets hate and sometimes it’s the innocents that pay the price of the guilty.

Available this week from Virgil films, pick up your copy of Infliction or add it to your Netflix queue. There is a good lesson to be taken from this film. I hope you learn it.

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