Album Review: Frnkiero and the Cellabration, ‘Stomachaches’

Written by Kayla Peters


Stomachaches is Frank Iero’s first album since his former band, My Chemical Romance, broke up in March of 2013. I was heartbroken when My Chemical Romance broke up, but I was beyond excited when I heard he was releasing an album on his own. Let’s just say at the end of I was far from disappointed by his first venture post-MCR.

The album starts off with the very fast-paced “All I Want is Nothing,” and I think it isthe perfect song to start the album with. The track leans more towards the punk side of the musical spectrum, and this works perfectly for Frank Iero and the Cellabration.


Lyrically, this album is genius and couldn’t have had better lyrics to match these music. The lyrical content is so emotional and deep, which is what a lot of people liked about My Chemical Romance, so I’m glad that carried over to Iero’s new band. Pay close attention to the lyrics as the high-energy sound of roaring guitars and loud drums might mask them for the listener. There’s some real sadness and emotion packed into his lyrics, so definitely give this more than one listen to appreciate them. Also, I really dig Frank Iero’s singing style — it’s so raw. They add to the heaviness of the album and I really enjoy his new heavier, sound.

My favorite track off this album is a song titled “Joyriding.” To chose a favorite was quite a tough choice for me because I really do enjoy this whole album, but there is just something about that song. The music starts out soft and kind of slow, but it builds up and gets faster along with the chorus. The lyrics in this track are really good, they tell of struggling to help someone you love with their problems even though you feel stuck. The progression of the music with the lyrics makes this song flow so well, so it made its way to my favorite song list.

“Yeah it’s cool I’ll be ok
As I felt your pain wash over me
So I dry your eyes and hide my shakes
Because I hate that look that’s on your face

And this is not the end for us”

Stomachaches is definitely a new sound for Frank Iero, but its sound works very well for him and the rest of the band. I was really excited for this album and I am even happier now that it is out. I encourage everyone to listen to this album, it will not disappoint. I will definitely have this album on repeat for a very long time, and I cannot wait until more comes out from Frank Iero and the Cellabration.

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