Pop-Break Live: Social Distortion (Starland Ballroom)


Social Distortion rolled into the Starland Ballroom on Thursday night September 4th. The show marked the roughly one year of the Sayreville, New Jersey-based venue’s re-opening after being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Pop-Break’s Jeff Crespi caught all of Mike Ness and the boys in their whiskey and sweat-soaked glory.

Social Distortion Setlist:

Road Zombie
Through These Eyes
Don’t Drag Me Down
The Creeps (I Just Wanna Give You)
Another State of Mind
Machine Gun Blues
Gotta Know the Rules
Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
Crown of Thorns
Cold Feelings
Dear Lover
Ball and Chain
Six More Miles (Hank Williams cover)
Story of My Life

Sometimes I Do
Misery Loves Company(Mike Ness song)
Ring of Fire

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