Singles Party: Fall Out Boy, ‘Centuries’


Fall Out Boy won their way back into our collective hearts with last year’s Save Rock ‘n Roll. Now, they’re dropping more music on us, with their latest single “Centuries.” The Singles Party was stoked to hear the new FOB…let’s find out if the band delivered.

Nick Porcaro: While I was on the fence about Fall Out Boy’s critically acclaimed (and hugely successful) comeback album Save Rock and Roll, their new single “Centuries” is sending chills down my spine. Vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump is in phenomenal form, singing his ass off as if his life depended on it, while the instrumental is anchored on an eyebrow-raising sample of Suzanne Vega’s 1987 hit “Tom’s Diner”. Really, though, there’s a lot to love about “Centuries” — the slinky guitar riffs, Andy Hurley’s powerhouse drumming, the ominous piano part, those inescapable trap snare hits that are all the rage these days, and a killer singalong that accompanies the chorus. Speaking of which, check out these lyrics:

“Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me, for centuries
Just one mistake is all it will take
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries”


As time goes on and my ear matures, I find myself more and more impressed by lyrical brevity. It’s lines like these that unite fans across the world. Anyone can grab a thesaurus and pontificate (I’m looking at you, Ezra Koenig) but it takes a real talent to translate a shared experiences into a pop anthem. Fall Out Boy is on a roll; here’s hoping they don’t stop any time soon. But if they were to hang it up in the next few years, their legacy is safe and sound, secured by a string of undeniable hit singles that will be remembered for centuries. Verdict: add to playlist!

Lisa Pikaard: Fall Out Boy is one of those artists I love one day and just don’t want to listen to another day. When “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” came out I was excited to listen to them again but that desire faded as the song stopped getting airplay. I didn’t look into their next single or album but now that we took on “Centuries” I wish I did.

This song is powerful. Fall Out Boy has the ability to not only write songs, but also write anthems and this is an anthem. This song has dimension, emotion, power, and is super catchy. I don’t love the chorus and god knows I cannot stand the sampling of “Tom’s Diner,” but this song will have people talking. I actually replayed the same five seconds of the song three times in a row because I loved every aspect of it (1:55-2:00).

There is something about this song that ignites a reaction. Will Fall Out Boy be talked about for centuries? Not likely but they will certainly linger a lot longer than anyone could have suspected back in the early days of From Under the Cork Tree.Verdict: Add to the Playlist despite the sampling of “Tom’s Diner,” a song I hate.. It’s that good.


Erica Batchelor: I’ve been anticipating new music from Fall Out Boy since their success with Save Rock and Roll and I feel “Centuries” was a perfect continuation of that album. This high energy track is a sure fire way to pump you up and comes complete with a vibrant intro that hooks you in right from the start. The music begins to build and is perfectly encompassed by Patrick Stump’s vocals and a defining chorus that will have you singing along for hours. With each release, Fall Out Boy’s music continues to evolve and departs even further from their original punk sound though not necessarily in a bad way. “Centuries” is a memorable pop song and I’ll admit I was rocking out pretty hard by the third play. Verdict: Add to Playlist

Al Mannarino: The latest track from Fall Out Boy, “Centuries,” has the makings of a great sports song. The hook sounds like it should accompany a trailer for a football documentary. It’s a very fun and upbeat track that demands to be on the radio. Ever since they made a huge comeback with Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy has been on a great streak of crafting catchy top 40 songs, while still remaining in the alternative rock genre. I suggest you download their latest track, or just wait till you hear it on the radio. Should be any day now. Verdict: Add to Playlist

Bill Bodkin: One thing about Fall Out Boy — they know how to write an anthem. “Centuries” is a big, sweeping track that’ll definitely become an ear worm in no time. While I might not be the biggest FOB fan in the world, I have to say the band is really changing my tune with this song and their previous record. While “Centuries” might not be on par “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark (Light Em Up)” this is still a damn good tune. Verdict: Add to Playlist

Final Verdict: What are you waiting for? Add it!

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