Film Review: No Good Deed

Written by Asia Martin


How do you know your night is about to turn into a thriller? Director Sam Miller’s No Good Deed shows us exactly what you should do to attract a murderer and then how to, not only save yourself, but your loved ones too.

Step 1. Allow a stranger to smooth talk you into letting down your guard in the middle of a stormy night.

Step 2. Have experience working with unstable men who terrorize people but fail to recognize them outside of working hours.

Step 3. Leave your loved ones alone with an unstable stranger and then FINALLY freak out when someone goes missing.

Step 4. Never stop fighting back unless the unstable stranger clearly has a leg up.

Step 5. Beat the unstable stranger’s ass just after finding out why he or she is killing everybody because reasons are always great motivation to end the sadistic saga.

Despite the sarcasm, this thriller starring Taraji P. Henson (Think Like A Man) and the international hottie, Idris Elba (Mandela: The Long Walk To Freedom), No Good Deed is entertaining. An escaped convict finds a stay-at-home mother and her children alone in their home and sets out to terrorize them. The film doesn’t showcase the best of cinema, but what bloody thrillers do? The point is to keep you in suspense and make you frustrated with the victim’s naivety and that is exactly what’s in store for you with this film.

The down side to this thriller is that it is not a new plot and if you’ve seen many thrillers or suspense-seeking films then you know all the tricks. No Good Deed is like a flip side to 2009’s Obsessed starring Idris and Beyonce Knowles whose characters were being terrorized by a Fatal Attraction knockoff.

‘No Good Deed’ is a good movie to see for its fight scenes and suspense. The audiences were pretty much applauding Taraji’s character for not succumbing to fear and helplessness. And the movie is a good flick that has you rooting for a stay-at-home mother’s battle against an intruder and reclaiming her “independence.”