The Singles Party: You + Me, ‘You and Me’


P!nk and City and Colour frontman Dallas Green, lit the Internet on fire when they announced the formation of their new super folk duo You+Me. They recently dropped their first single, aptly titled, “You and Me” from their forthcoming record roseave. The gang at The Singles Party checked it out.

Lucas P. Jones: This week, ill keep it short and sweet. You and Me is lame. Really lame. Its more of the generic folk singer acoustic guitar nonsense that is, for some reason, popular right now. Mixed gender harmonies? Check. Basic acoustic guitar that won’t distract from singing? Check. Short song that people won’t get bored of? Check. Oh, and make sure you throw in a ton of reverb on everything to make it dreamy, or something. Formulaic at best, repetitive and lazy at worst. Verdict: One and done.

Justin Matchick: This isn’t exactly good, but it isn’t exactly bad either. This is just boring. This is the aural embodiment of “eh.” Pink and Dallas Green have come together to be something much less than the sum of their parts, a duo writing love songs who don’t actually love each other. It is at best insubstantial, with no lyrics, instruments, or vocals particularly standing out. From the moment you press play its blandness is apparent, never offering any more substance than listening to white noise. Several times I never even noticed that the song had ended and I had been sitting in silence for several minutes. The song just sort of blends into nothingness, something so generic and plain that your brain decides to do you a favor and actively ignore it as it plays. Verdict: One and Done.

Nick Porcaro: You’d think spunky pop princess P!nk and post-hardcore hero-turned-troubadour folksie Dallas Green would make something memorable together. Unfortunately you’d be wrong. “You and Me” is a nice little somber country tune, and that’s about all I can say about it. It’s been done a million times before, and better, but without any sort of surprise to spice up the proceedings—take this year’s phenomenal “space country” collaboration between Devin Townsend and Ché Aimee Dorval, Casualties of Cool, for instance—I can’t recommend this tune. Verdict: one and done.


Erica Batchelor: Overall, this just didn’t work for me. Pink and Dallas Green are simply on separate ends of the musical spectrum. I felt as though both parties were trying too hard to make this successful when in reality it was one long-winded, ho-hum folk song that never seemed to end. I appreciate them both as musicians in their respected genres but will be staying far away from this mismatched merger. Verdict: One and Done

Lisa Pikaard: I think I fell asleep. No. Seriously. This song is just epically bland. My first thought was wait… This is a love song? “You and Me” is eerie. When I listen to a love song, eerie is not the sound you really want to go for. The song is one dimensional and flat. I had higher expectations for this song with such a pairing of talented musicians but I feel like it’s as though these two recorded the same part, layered them together and could be content never looking upon one another again. Where is the love? This song is supposed to be about two becoming one yet there is zero passion. This song does not warrant your time. Verdict: One and done.

Kelly O’Dowd: After reading my fellow contributors, I came into listening to the song already expecting that I was going to hate it. Wrong! I really liked it! It is a haunting love song that fits perfectly for this time of year, but I really feel like this belongs on a movie soundtrack. Love isn’t perky. Love is dark and quiet and sleepy. This is a love song for those five or six years into a relationship, questioning if they are supposed to be here; if the the one they are with is really the one they should be with. This is my kind of love song. The quiet type of love, that recommits to each other because they would be lost without each other. “You and Me” won’t be a radio single, but it is worth your time. Listen to it with your loved one while sitting watching a fire. Or, listen to this song after you two have had a fight, to realize that yes, you do love this other one in your life. Verdict: Add to playlist

Bill Bodkin: Believe it or not…I kinda dug the song. It was simple and brought me back to the days of hearing folk tunes on the dusty turntables of my youth. I think P!nk and Dallas Green compliment each other nicely. Is this a song that’ll resonate with me for the rest of my life? Probably not, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Final Verdict: Despite some positivity, we cannot recommend this one to you.

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