Lost Songs: Little-T & One Track Mike, ‘Shaniqua’


Welcome to the return of Pop-Break’s Lost Songs Column. We started this column in 2010 as a way for us to shine a light on music that we feel is unjustly forgotten by the masses. Whether it’s a B-side, album cut, cover or one-hit wonder, we use this column to help you discovers songs you may never have heard of or completely forgotten — and help you fall in love with them again.

There’s no better way to start this column off than by featuring a hit single lost to the sands of time. “Shaniqua (Don’t Live Here No More)” was one of the hottest singles in the nation in 2001 — securing a coveted spot on Total Request Live and filling up alt-rock radio waves.

The song was created by the New Brunswick, New Jersey-born outfit Little-T and One Track Mike. The duo, which was formed at Rutgers University, became a college-wide sensation blending witty white boy hip-hop with a fantastic blend of live instrumentation and turntablism. Through MTV’s Lyricist Lounge the duo was signed to Lava Records.


In 2001, the duo dropped “Shaniqua” (off their record Fome is Dape) an infectious ode to people calling the wrong number. The single is gimmick as hell, that’s never been a question, but the lyrical hustle and flow of Little-T combined with One Track Mike’s dope beats and guitar work, make this an instant ear worm. The music video that accompanied it (and rocketed up the TRL Top 10) was a slice of that classic, snotty white-boy rap/punk/ska music video. It’s almost a time capsule in it of itself. I mean just look at Little T’s single dread in the middle of head — that’s soooo early 2000s.

Sadly, despite opening up for a diverse array of bands such as: Outkast, Blink 182, Ben Kweller and My Morning Jacket and being prominently featured on the Scooby Doo soundtrack, the band never really hit the potential stratosphere “Shaniqua” had them lined up for and the band broke up in 2002.

Yet, despite the outfit’s short run in the music world, they dropped a truly fun anthem that really embodies the final hurrah of record labels. So give this one a listen and I dare you not to be rapping “Shaniqua don’t live her no more/Shaniqua don’t here no mo/Is Shaniqua there?/Hell no!” at work the next day.

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