Top 10 Comedy Sequels


We often complain about sequels never living up to the original, but when it comes to comedies it’s even more of a shit show. Caddyshack II. Ghostbusters 2. American Pie 2, 3, and 4. Son of the Mask. Police Academy 4, 5, 6, and 7. The second and third ones were passable, alright! I like Sweetchuck and Zed. What is it about comedy sequels that are so difficult to pull off? Is it hard for the same characters to be funny, or is it just easier for other genres to continue their story? Sequels to comedies are so blatantly unnecessary, and I think that’s the real problem. Is there a film in existence more unnecessary of a sequel than The Hangover was? Seriously, what else were they going to do? Man, that movie sucked.

But enough about bad comedic sequels, we’re here to look at the one’s that actually broke the mold and were good. With Dumb and Dumber To opening this weekend, I thought I’d throw some hopeful vibes its way and honor the comedy sequels that did not suck. Are most of these weaker than the original? Oh yeah. But at least they were more funny than not. There was an actual effort made, as opposed to cutting and pasting the script from The Hangover and replacing “Las Vegas” with “Bangkok,” “tiger” with “monkey,” and “Mike Tyson” with “Mike Tyson.” Let’s break out the funnies!

It’s The Top 10 Best Comedy Sequels!

Note: Movies like Back to the Future II/III and Toy Story 2/3 aren’t eligible because I feel as though they are more belonging to other genres. I just wanted to make that clear before moving forward.

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